Thursday 23 February 2012


Demo'11 Cover Art

Barrow are a Sludge/Post-Metal band from Minsk, Belarus.

The members are:

Maxim - guitar
Dasha - guitar
Maxim - vox
Evgeniy - bass
Nikita - drums

Barrow play a superb blend of Sludge/Post-Metal which is influenced by Pelican, ISIS and Neurosis

Their debut S/T Demo release is a superb offering that hits all the right buttons. It’s a 2 song 20 minute ride of top-notch Sludge/Post-Metal riffs to head-bang to with great vocals to match as well. Well on one of the songs you do – “Lay Me Down To Sleep”. The other song “Immolation In The Light Of Aurora” is a superb instrumental song.

For a demo release it’s superbly produced. It feels like a professional release than a Demo Release. The two songs on show here are great songs that shows what these guys can do. Play the right amount of sludge-based aggression mixed in with top-notch Post-Rock theatrics.

Barrow are top-notch musicians and their music draws you in from the start to give the listener a huge amount of great riffs to rock out to.

This release is available for free download from BandCamp and I urge you all to download this great release now. The band have informed me they are working on their new EP due for release shortly. But they want to get impressions from people first.

Well I am sold. Get that EP released soon guys as I think you have a bright future indeed. Superb Stuff.

So get downloading now. Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: