Saturday 25 February 2012

Good To Die Records-Label Profile.

Its not often I feel compelled to recommend an entire Record Label . The Acts and releases so far from Seattle based Good To Die Records are so good it would be criminal not to.
Founded by Nick Christofferson  , who has been gaining respect for years with his Seattlerockguy blog he has quickly assembled some stunning bands.

GTD first came to my attention through Sandrider , I'd heard the name mentioned and checked them out . They were GTD's second release, and their debut is a must have. Featuring members of the band "Akimbo" Sandrider like Sludgelord favs Summoner assault you with a barrage of riffs and and hook laden songs. In the Vein of Torche and Baroness while also bringing to mind some classic Soundgarden or Mudhoney , I was so impressed by Sandrider that I checked GTD's other artists. See more Here

Monogamy Party are another find, a noise/grind/fuzz attack , a Bass and drums combo bringing to mind Big Business and the alt-punk of These Arms Are Snakes. Listen Here

Next up Brokaw, a truly
amazing band , in style pretty unique, somewhere between the intensity of Unsane and chaos of Jesus Lizard. Their debut is essential . Listen Here

Absolute Monarchs, demonstrate the diversity of GTD, playing a 90's style of alternative indie rock. They have just finished recording their debut with Matt Bayles(Mastodon, Isis,Botch) and is released next month.  Listen/Download Here

Dog Shredder are the newest to the label and Nick has signed another quality band . Their debut pre-GTD is available here , and have their new ep due next month also. Listen/Download Here

Good To Die are putting Seattle back on the map for quality heavy music, this time though no need for lumberjack shirts and converse all-star wearing self-loathing. Just an appetite for face melting music and originality required. Its only a matter of time before everyone is talking about this label and their stunning artists get in early .