Monday 6 February 2012

Kapitan Korsakov - Stuff & Such Album Review

Kapitan Korsakov are a Progressive Rock/Stoner Rock band from Ghent, Belgium

The members are

Pieter Van Mullem - bass
Jonas Vandenbossche - drums
Pieter-Paul Devos - guitar/vocals

Kapitan Korsakov are a Progressive Stoner Rock Band who add elements of Industrial/Electronic Rock to great effect with unique results.

The band been around a while and have just released their 2nd outstanding new album – “Stuff & Such”. A 12 song album on for 38 outstanding minutes.

I have to thank regular blog viewer Rudy for pointing this great band out to me otherwise I wouldn’t have known about this truly great band. So Thanks Rudy.

The guys are true masters of blending their respective musical genres of adding Prog Rock/Stoner Rock with a great industrial/electronic vibe.

The only band I can compare these guys to is sublime Industrial Post-Rockers THOT but with added Stoner Rock riffs. Their new album is an absolute joy to listen to. I wasn’t expecting much from this album but boy was I wrong. This album is just a superb blast from start to finish as it’s a truly original kaleidoscope of sounds in the Stoner Rock genre.

Mixing Stoner Rock with Industrial/Electronic Rock is a first time listen for me. But the results are surprisingly superb and with this being the guys 2nd album what have I been missing out this on all this time.

Kapitan Korsakov are a truly brilliant band with a great vision of playing top-notch Stoner Rock music with a great Prog Rock/Industrial Rock vibe.

Full of hypnotic and heavy riffs that remind me of an early Monster Magnet at times. Especially on the amazing song “Cancer”. A 3 minute thrill ride of hypnotic Space Rock/Stoner Rock riffs driven along by a great Industrial Pounding edge.

The guys do show their soft and tender side on the superb semi-acoustic song “Smile And Stay Friends” that might feel a little bit out of place. But it shows the guys can write a superb mid-tempo acoustic driven number.

But mostly the songs are more in the loud and heavy Prog Rock/Space Rock/Stoner Rock spectrum which the guys are masters at.

I would call this type of music Experimental Stoner Rock as that is what it is. And this album is definitely a truly work of crazed and inspired genius. I can’t really describe it any other way. You will have to listen to this superb album for yourself.

The album is superbly produced and performed by all involved. And I can’t get enough of this superb album. I have been listening to it non-stop for days.

The band are extremely talented individuals which they prove time and time again on this brilliant album. The world of Stoner Rock needs bands like Kapitan Korsakov to push the boundaries of conventional Stoner Rock music.

A brilliant album from a great band that I didn’t know anything about but am now a confirmed fan due to this superb album. This will definitely be in my best list of 2012. Superb Work Guys. And thanks to Rudy for recommending them to me.

You can listen to this superb album on the guys SoundCloud Page.

Check this great experimental Stoner Rock band below: