Friday 17 February 2012


Vulgaari Cover Art

Vulgaari is a Sludge/Thrash/Stoner/Death-Metal/Doom from  Minneapolis, MN USA

Vulgaari is the work of two crazed insane geniuses called  Zack Kinsey and Brent Hedtke who have blended their favourite Metal genres into one big melting pot and they have came up with this brilliant and amazing S/T album.

Vulgaari is a 9 song 57 minute masterpiece of Stoner/Sludge Metal music. What they have done is got all the best aspects of  Sludge, Stoner, Thrash, Death-Metal, Doom and put their own unique brilliant creative spin to release one of the best Crossover Sludge/Thrash/Stoner Metal debut releases I have had the pleasures to hear.

This album is just described in one word. Amazing. I love this release. And so do a lot of other blogspots and websites as this has popped up all over the place.

Zack only emailed about 3 or 4 blogspots and I was one of them. This is what blogging is all about. Spreading the word of a brilliant and individual band/artist and that’s what Vulgaari is. Their music has gone into the stratosphere with this amazing debut album.

So don’t take my word for it. Take every other top-notch Metal Blog/Website. They cant all be wrong.

The album is full of amazing songs. Especially the epic tracks “Lie”, “Match” and “Outride The Reaper”. Some of the best Sludge/Stoner/Thrash Crossover Metal tracks you will hear this year.

This album is like all of your favourite bands in the many genres on show here forming to create a supergroup. This would be the twisted end result so congrats to Vulgaari in creating a masterpiece of Modern Sludge/Stoner Metal as these are the two genres that is the glue that holds this brilliant album together.

Full of amazing riffs you can shake your fist at. Vulgaari are brilliant musicians. The instrumental work is just simply astonishing on this amazing release. Not one note out of place.

It’s a brilliantly produced effort that you will be listening to time and time again.

What is even better is Vulgaari is giving away this brilliant album away for free from BandCamp right now. But hurry up I think the 200 downloads on BandCamp will soon be used up.

But if those run out you can download it all over the place. Just do a quick internet search and see why this brilliant album has became something of a fave with the underground metal crowd.

Brilliant, Brillliant, Brilliant. Get Downloading Now!!!

Zack is also in the process of putting a live band together for this project. Check out the bands already involved with this project when Zack pulls this off.

"The live band will feature members of Sourvein, Witchden, The Mighty Nimbus, Powermad and Bastard Saint"

This is one band I want to see live as these songs will go down a storm on the live venue.

Well I have gone on like a love sick teenager long enough. Get downloading. Brilliant, Amazing, Superb, Classic, Masterpiece.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: