Thursday 23 February 2012


Exitium Cover Art

Bädr Vogu  is a Sludge Metal band from Oakland, CA, USA

The members are

Justin - Drums
Sean - Vocals
Joe - Guitar
Rob - Bass
Bryce - Guitar
Leo-fill in Guitar

Bädr Vogu  play a heavily stylized brutal blend of Sludge Metal mixed in with Blues, Crust and Stoner Metal to superb effect.

These guys are getting a fearsome reputation in the Sludge Metal scene. They have played with such heavyweights as Eyehategod, Brainoil, Laudanum, Thou, Alaric, Gehena, Impaled, and Oroku.

The band released their brilliant and brutal new album “Exitium” in Summer 2011 and I am going to try to give this great album a review.

“Exitium” is a punishing bruising encounter of Sludge Metal that blends Blues, Doom, Crust Punk and Stoner Metal to superb effect.

This is a 7-song 48 minute blast of hard-hitting Sludge Metal riffs with brutal hardcore/death-metal vocals to match. This album isn’t for the faint of heart.

These guys are masters at writing a top-notch hard-hitting epic riffs. The album does have its fair share of epic tracks. 5 of them run past the 6 minute mark and it’s these tracks where the band comes to life the most.

This is where these guys show why they are getting such a well deserved reputation. These guys play loud, angry and heavy Sludge Riffs right from the start. There is no middle ground with Badr Vogu. You want it heavy all the through. You got it here in spades.

Tracks like “Wolves In The Ruin”, “Soliloquy Of Belligerence” and the 10:45 minute epic track “Extinguished” which happens to be my fave track on this superb album. Are all full of heavy pounding Sludge Riffs you will be pummelling your soul to time and time again.

It’s superbly produced and this has some of the best and loudest bass guitar playing I have heard in the last few years alone.

Bädr Vogu has produced a brilliant album which blends their genres superbly well. Stoner-Metal, Doom, Crust Punk all held together by a superb bleak down-tempo style of Sludge Metal that only Badr Vogu can deliver.

Superb Stuff. I urge you all to check this band out now. Another great addition to the Sludge Metal Underground.

You can buy this great release from BandCamp now

Highly Recommended.

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