Thursday 23 February 2012


SON.R26 / Unnamed Cover Art

Arms Of Ra is an Atmospheric Sludge Metal Band from France

The members are:

Mathieu - Chant & Synthé
Pierre - Batterie
Pierre Alain - Basse
Simon - Guitare 

Arms Of Ra play a hard hitting blend of Atmospheric Sludge fused with Doom/Crust/Post-Hardcore metal. Taking influence from Neurosis, ISIS, Cult Of Luna to paint a hard hitting take on the genre.

Arms Of Ra have been on this blog-spot before with their 2009 debut EP which I originally raved very highly.

Well Arms Of Ra are back with their stunning follow-up and first full-length album. – “Unnamed” – A 6 song 31 minute blast of sublime Sludge riffs blended in Doom/Crust/Post-Hardcore vibes.

The album feels like twice as long and contains brilliant Sludge Metal riffs to satisfy the most jaded of Atmospheric Sludge Metal fan.

The album is a very haunting and atmospheric work from one of France’s best kept secrets. These guys have taken their time and crafted a superior slice of Atmospheric Sludge metal that you all need hear.

The album starts off superbly with opener “Afterwards” a 5.18 minute blast of superb vocals and riffs to match to get you fully into the mood for Arms Of Ra.

And from then on the album has you in its grip until the dying seconds. The album is full of great songs that will have you head-banging in no time. The album is full of passionate vocals and lyrics to match the hard-hitting riffs on show. A perfect blend of how to do Sludge Metal mixed with Doom, Crust and Post-Hardcore that French Bands are beginning get a great reputation for. Especially by yours truly.

Other great tracks to check out is “I have the right to erase myself”, “Write my name and forget it” and my fave track the 9 minute classic track “To be acknowledged is to exist”.

As you can tell by the song titles this album has a got an intriguing story to it. As put by the band themselves “The story of a man trying to deconstruct himself and disappear from society.”

Not a happy story by any means and the music paints this picture. It’s a deeply un-settling and haunting atmosphere which the band pull of brilliantly. This is what Atmospheric Sludge Metal should be about. Heavy riffs, passionate vocals and a superb concept to match. And Arms Of Ra succeed on all counts on this great release.

Arms Of Ra have turned into better musicians and writers since their last release. The vocals, instrumental work are heavier, louder, angrier and more passionate than ever before.

All in all this is a brilliant album you need to check out now. As Arms Of Ra are giving this album away for free. Well the 192 KPS version from their superb record label Swarm Of Nails via Mediafire also via BandCamp.

If you want a higher bit-rate then you will have to pay it from the BandCamp Page.

So get downloading now. If you like what you hear check out their superb debut EP as well.

A brilliant release from another great French Sludge Metal Band. Highly Recommended.

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