Friday 17 February 2012


Atavist of Mann Cover Art

HUATA are an Occult/Stoner/Sludge/Doom/Drone Metal Band from France

The members are:

Ronan Grall : Summon
Benjamin Moreau : Invoke
Christophe Marconato : Worship
Alexis Darnoux : Adore 

HUATA play a truly haunting and spell-binding blend of Stoner/Sludge/Doom/Drone Metal Music mixed with amazing Occult Psych based rock. This is becoming quite popular to great bands like Ghost and Ancient Vvisdom.

But HUATA are probably the best band I have heard so far in the Occult Rock Scene. The guys came onto the scene last year with their brilliant debut EP which got a few rave reviews. I stupidly didn’t post this at all even though it’s still available for free download. I urge you all to download this brilliant release now.

If you’re into Church Of Misery, Ghost, Ancient Vvisdom, Electric Wizard and Ramesses well you’re going to love this band. As HUATA play the same bleak type music but add a superb Psych Drone Metal vibe to proceedings.

They have just released their astonishing debut full length record – Atavist Of Mann. A 6-song 62 minute masterclass in Occult Driven Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal.

Atavist Of Mann blends classic Doom Metal/Stoner Metal with modern Sludge/Drone Metal influences brilliantly well. Throw in bleak down-tempo Occult Rock and you have a masterpiece of the genre.

This is an album that is not easy to define. You need multiple listens to determine what genre it falls under. I have listened to this about 4 times now and I am still discovering new pieces of this classic and amazing album.

Full of hypnotic riffs and sublime ambient vocals littered through out the albums running time.

This is a really challenging album to get into but if you stick with it you will find something extraordinary here. Believe me HUATA are going to be massive. This is where the hype is actually justified.

Don’t believe me. Well these guys have been invited to play Roadburn 2012 because of this superb album and the reputation they have forged in the short time they have been around. Catch them while you can. As like GHOST these guys will be one of the next big bands to check out.

The songs on show are simply classic examples on how to blend the many genres superbly and all done in an original way.

3 of the tracks run past the 12 and 15 minute mark and it’s these tracks where this album comes to life. With the tracks showcasing brilliant riffs, vocals and lyrics to match.

My fave tracks are the epic tracks especially the 15 minute epic “Thee Imperial Wizard”. My fave track is the 12:40 minute track “Fall Of The …”

If you’re into epic heavy albums then Atavist Of Mann will blow you away like it did with me. My mouth just dropped to the floor after I listened to this. I even commented on the guys Facebook Page I would do a review and that I needed a lie down in a dark room to get over this. And I meant every word of it.

This album just floored me. It really did. All I can say is HUATA deserve as much praise they can get for this brilliant, hypnotic and classic album. Just WOW.

This really is a true masterpiece of any genre and I can’t wait to see what these guys will release in the future. They have the potential to become your favourite new band.

French Stoner/Sludge Metal is in a really great place at the moment. They are throwing the baton to over countries to follow suit as the country to beat for Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal Music. First CROWN and now HUATA. 2012 is really becoming a great year for amazing albums so far.

You can buy this amazing album on Vinyl Here (I have already bought mine). Rumour is the might be a free download coming later this year of this superb album. When its here I will publish it and recommend you all to download it right away. 

You can download their guys Debut EP "Open the gates of Shambhala" for free from BandCamp. 35 mins of crushing Doom, Stoner and Sludge in the filthiest possible way. Another superb release.

Simply Unmissable.

Check This Amazing Band Below:


Check Out The Superb 8 minute epic "Lord Of The Flame". Brilliant Stuff.