Tuesday 21 February 2012

The Fierce And The Dead- Band Profile

We here at Sludgelord appreciate the heavy things in life, although hopefully like us you also like the quieter side also. The Fierce And The Dead would come in to the latter category, a four piece from London who play compelling experimental post-rock. Let the band themselves give you a bit more back round.

"The Fierce & The Dead came about from a recording experiment that was initially intended for Matt's second solo album, but it started to grow legs and arms and evolved into its own animal. They just feed it now and then and it spits noise back out. The music is based on loose compositions and structures and is improvised from there on in.
Their first EP 'Part 1' (one 19 minute long song) came out in 2010 to unexpected critical acclaim. They released their full length debut 'If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe' in May 2011, it features 10 tracks and guest saxophone performance from Terry Edwards. It is dedicated to the memory of close friend Dan Wilson who passed away during the recording of the album.
The band have played a string of live dates at the end of 2011 and have also recorded a new e.p, entitled On VHS, due for release in March 26th 2012. This will hopefully be followed by a second full length album in the Summer of 2012.

Matt, Kev and Stuart have played together on and off in various guises for over 10 years as well as performing with other bands and as solo artists. With several live dates booked the band welcomed a new member but an old friend, Steve Cleaton, on guitar, keyboards and fx."

Their album "If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe", is a eclectic work full of looped and layered guitars throbbing bass and even saxophone, creating a remarkable instrumental album, that never stands still.
March 26th will see the release of their new E.P. "On VHS", although if you pre-order it you should receive it a week early. Its one I'm really looking forward to and is the first to feature new guitarist Steve Cleaton. The Fierce And The Dead's Matt Stevens is also a talented and prolific solo artist and released the album Relic late last year. Both TFATD and Matt's music feature on Bandcamp and most is available on the popular "name your price" basis,  physical copies in most cases are also available. I highly recommend you check out this quality collection of musicians and their work and look out for future releases.