Friday 17 February 2012

Horrors That You’ve Seen

Breaking Hearts Cover Art

Horrors That You’ve Seen (HTYS) is a Doom/Hardcore Punk/Stoner Metal band from Edinburgh, Scotland.

The members are:

Graham Caldwell - Vocals
Kieran Higgins - Guitar
Niall Robb - Guitar
Chris Hewer - Bass
Alain Baron - Drums 

Horrors That You’ve Seen play a great blend of Hardcore Punk, Doom and Stoner Metal to get you head-banging in no time.

The guys have just released their outstanding debut album – “Breaking Hearts”. A 11 song 45 minute masterclass of Stoner Metal with great Doom and Hardcore Punk vibes running through it’s veins.

HTYS play their music fast and furious so you better try and keep up with them as there are no slow numbers at all on this brilliant album. This is balls-to-the-wall Stoner Metal with attitude that you don’t hear too much these days especially when they mix Hardcore Punk and Doom Metal to their great music.

The album is full of potential anthems for us jaded Stoner Metallers who are fed up with Radio Friendly artists trying to be metal where they are so fucking not!!!

Its great to see that these guys have a snarling lets fight anybody who gets in our way type attitude. And their music is better for it. This album makes you feel alive and gives you a reason to stand up for what you believe in.

Especially on superb tracks “Reality (Is All I Have)”, “Sinking Ships”, “Graves” and the superb “Worthless Idols”.

I really can’t compare this superb band to anyone else currently on the scene at the moment. If anyone can let me know as I want to check more bands like this.

I hear a lot of bands that I don’t publish that really get me down and jaded with the music scene in general. As they are badly produced and not worth publishing. But every now and again there is a gem of an album that restores my faith in the Sludge/Stoner Metal underground that makes me feel alive again. And Horrors That You’ve Seen fit that scenario.

This album just blew me away. The album cover doesn’t give you a true reflection what to expect. It’s a cool album cover but what you get is so much more.

It’s brilliantly produced and played by all concerned. How come these guys are not signed to a label as they can give their major league counterparts a run for their money.

“Breaking Hearts” is a triumph. Full of superb Stoner Metal riffs blended brilliantly with Hardcore Punk/Doom Metal to great effect. This is one album I recommend you all to download now.

You can download this brilliant album for free from the guys BandCamp Page. I recommend you all do this now If their their monthly 200 downloads limit is exhausted as this is going to go in to time at all the download from the following Mediafire link which the band have kindly provided.

So get downloading now. You won’t regret it. Simply superb stuff.

Check this brilliant band below: