Wednesday 1 February 2012



YOG are a Grindcore/Hardcore Metal band from Switzerland.

The members are:

Yonni Chapatte
Marc Bruzatin
Emmanuel Devaud
Fabien Bedoy

YOG play an intense blend of Grindcore/Hardcore Metal to devastating effect. Taking influence from a whole range of bands across both genres but forging their own hard-hitting identity to give the listener a truly exhilarating experience

YOG have been going since 2000 and released their proper full length debut album "Years of Nowhere" back in 2007 which received a whole load of praise when it was originally released.

Their debut was a superbly heavily affair which I can remember listening back in the day. Great album if you can track it down.

Well the guys are back after a 5 year hiatus with their brilliant new album – Half The Sky. A 12 song 28 minute blast of top-notch Grindcore/Hardcore Metal riffs.

Well even though it was has been a 5 year break the album is a triumph of break-neck speed beats mixed with pummelling grindcore riffs and hardcore based vocals.

These guys play fast and furious riffs from start to finish. They don’t have the time to play epic metal riffs. They just have enough time to beat the listener into submission.

The tracks on show that YOG are one of the best bands that play hard hitting Grindcore/Hardcore Metal riffs to a short timescale. YOG pack a powerful punch in the short tracks that are on show here. If the heavy pounding riffs don’t affect you then the song titles might. Some I am not even going to publish here. Some original titles on show.

The album is superbly produced and is loud enough to hear the bands angry chaotic Grindcore riffs.

It did take me a few listens to like this album as its over pretty quickly in 28 mins. But after a few listens I loved every distorted angry chaotic second of it.

YOG are a superbly talented bunch of musicians and it shows with the amount of heavy pounding riffs on show. Some technically intricate and some that is in your face you will need further listens to distinguish the madness from chaos.

And I mean that as a compliment. If your into Dillinger Escape Plan or Converge then your going to love these guys. As they share a lot in common with those two ground-breaking bands.

YOG prove on this superb album they have enough ideas to last about 3 albums never mind one. This is a great album to listen to if your in the mood to. This is not an album for casual metal fans. This is for dedicated metal listeners who have the guts to listen to something angry and chaotic to after a hard day.

Standout tracks include “Stones”, “I Shall Scream A Beginning” and “Solar Nature”.

All in all this is a superb album to listen to and YOG should rightly be proud of this outstanding album.

Its loud, angry, short, distorted and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Superb and Highly Recommended.

You can buy this album here.

You can check this great band out below: