Friday 17 February 2012

KASPER ROSA - Band To Check Out

First Breath. First Blood. Cover Art

Kasper Rosa are a four-peice from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They play mainly Instrumental Post-Rock/Progressive metal.

They are a four piece featuring

J Ryan McCormick
Steven Butler
Dave Shannon
James 'Tree' Bruce

Kasper Rosa formed around 2009, they quickly started impressing even scoring a support slot with drone/doom titans Earth after only a few months.

They have toured/played with the likes of Vessels,65daysofstatic,Maybeshewill and many more. They have upcoming festival appearances and gigs planned throughout the year.

Kasper Rosa have released two Eps so far and more recently the singles , Coronal Mass Ejection and First Breath First Blood. The releases are available from their Bandcamp site the Eps being available on the Pay what you want deal. This band really stands out from the Post-Rock crowd, mainly due to a wide range of influences from Mastodon to Oceansize ,Radiohead and Opeth

The tracks have a real organic feel to them including at times acoustic guitar passages and gentle synth effects. The songs are never repetitive and although some approach 10 minutes in length they hold your attention throughout. It would be pointless to single out individual tracks for praise as they all are high quality though Scaling Mount Improbable is a particular live favourite.

Recently the tracks , Coronal Mass Ejection and First Breath, First Blood have included vocals. This only adds to the uniqueness of Kasper Rosa's sound and blend perfectly with the textures of intricate sounds and stomping rhythms . They are currently writing and planning for their first full length ,one that is high on my list of anticipated releases. Do yourself a favour go check these Belfast lads out right away, if you enjoy Progressive/Post Rock they will not dissapoint .