Thursday 23 February 2012


Zombie King are a Stoner Rock Band from France

The members are: Emeline, Jérôme, Ben, Charly

Zombie King play a fast and furious blend of Stoner Rock mixed with some truly haunting ambient effects. Parts Sabbath, Parts Fu-Manchu and at times Parts Church Of Misery with the haunting ambient effects.

This is a band not afraid to scare the viewer while also having a great time playing some superb Stoner Rock Riffs.

Zombie King have just released their superb 2nd album – Son Of The Witch. An 8 song 26 minute thrill ride of superb Stoner Rock riffs mixed in with a groovy occult soundtrack. Son Of The Witch are a rare breed in Stoner Rock circles. They are lead by a superb female vocalist Emeline who brings some haunting vocals to the table.

The album is full of great tracks to fully rock out. Fast, loud, scary in places but all delivered with a huge smile on your face. Zombie King are seriously talented musicians and prove it time and time again on this great album.

All of the tracks have superb titles which do portray a sense of fear but when you hear them this is like the above bands jamming on the same bill for fun.

The album is superbly produced, Its one of the loudest Stoner Rock records I have heard this year and possibly the most fun as well. Great Stuff. Highly Recommended

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