Monday 20 February 2012

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster - Exegesis Review


Sometimes you can have a Perception of a band while never really checking them out. I am guilty of that in this case having thought TNBD were a Explosions In The Sky style post-rock group. Although I like a lot of bands in that category I hadn't got round to checking them out.

Turns out my perception and failure not to check TNBD out sooner was idiotic. Not only are they a completely different beast to what I thought, I've also been missing out. They have released what I now think will be one of my albums of the year. Yes its early but its not a claim I make lightly, TNBD play an intense style of prog/post metal a mixture of the progressive textures of Tool with the atmospheric weight of Isis and the instrumental muscle of Pelican, although in no way are they generic copyists following well travelled paths. There is enough quality and gathering of ideas on display to ensure TNBD have a sound of their own, and its devastating.

They have excelled on new album Exegesis, creating an album that should see them recognised as leading lights in the UK scene. Album opener Fractal World sets the tone . Atmospheric rhythms building towards melodic guitar work with bass and drums at the forefront of the action also. The musicianship here is superb , there are moments of jaw-dropping brilliance all over the 8 tracks on offer, a blend of instrumental and vocal tracks which work equally well, Black Iron Prison in particular with its repeated cry of "And The Walls Will Come Down" as the song builds to a epic climax is stunning. All the tracks on offer are stand out and this is an album that grabs you from start to finish.

I can't praise/recommend this album enough, if you enjoy forward thinking metal/rock, and bands like Tool,Pelican + Rosetta TNBD might be your new favourite band . More info on this great band can be found below and links to purchase the album.