Saturday 11 February 2012


Stubb Cover Art

STUBB are a 3 Piece Hard-Rock Band from London, United Kingdom

The members are

Jack Dickinson- Guitar and vocals
Christopher West- Drums
Peter Holland-Bass

STUBB are a Hard Rock Band mixing Psych, 60’s and 70’s Rock N Roll with a great modern hard rock sensibility. These guys have got a fearsome and well deserved reputation in the UK who have toured with some big-hitters of Stoner Rock.

STUBB have just released their brilliant S/T new album. An 8 song almost 40 minute ride of hard-rocking tunes I haven’t this great in a long, long time.

This album is an absolute blast from start to finish. Brilliantly produced which provides brilliant riff after brilliant riff all delivered in the best possible way.

The album is full of standout tracks that takes you back to the golden age of 60’s/70’s hard rocking bands such as Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, The Who and many bands of that classic genre.

If STUBB were around in the 70s there is no doubt these guys would be big hitters on the world stage. This album is simply sensational. The guitar work is a wonderful thing to listen to. Incorporating Blues, Hard-Rock, Psych and modern day Rock and Roll.

The vocals are another highlight. Full of passion and intricate energy not seen in many bands. This album is a master class of UK Hard Rock. It really is great to see a band like STUBB bringing 60’s/70’s Hard Rock riffs blended in with modern day Stoner Rock influences.

I cant fault this brilliant album one bit. It leaves you with a big smile on your face and a warm feeling inside. This is a superb album to clear away all of these winter blues that everyone is having. This is an album you can listen to anytime this year and it will still bring a smile to your face.

As stated before the album is full of superb tracks like “Road”, “Flame”, “Hard Hearted Woman” and the brilliant 7 minute epic “Galloping Horses” which showcases this bands talents at its finest. Blending all of their musical genres to take you onto a far out trippy journey.

All in all this is a brilliant album from one of the very best up and coming UK Hard Rock bands. I urge you all to check this out as you can download this on  BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

Or if you want the physical release then you can get it from here from the awesome SuperHot Records. So get checking this great band and be prepared to be blown away. Brilliant and highly recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: