Saturday, 14 September 2013

Moontooth - Freaks (EP Review)

Album Type :  EP
Release Date : July 25, 2013
Label : Unsigned

Freaks, track listing :
1). Ebb/Flow
2). Goon
3). Storm Pill
4). Silver Gallows

Bio :
On “Freaks”, the debut recording from Long Island, New York based Moon Tooth, the seasoned team of Nick Lee (guitars/vocals) and drummer Ray Marte show up with a fresh project after the break up of their former band, Exemption. Enlisting bassist Vin Romanelli and vocalist John Carbone, Moon Tooth was born in early 2012.
The Band:
Nick Lee - Guitar/Vocals
Ray Marte - Drums/Vocals
John Carbone - Vocals/Percussion
Vin Romanelli - Bass

Despite the “Freaks” EP consisting of four relatively short songs and clocking in around the 20 minute mark, this initial introduction to the band is captivating in its complexity, yet retains an overall listenability with oodles of catchy vocal harmonies via great big choruses.
One might be tempted to make comparisons to Torche or Mastodon after listening to opening track, “Ebb/Flow”. There is a hint of the signature Steve Brooks reverb-washed vocal harmony style which acts more as layers, but this adds dimension and serves to build separation from the choppy, odd time signature that ties the piece together. It works very well, but I think the rest of the EP belies those comparisons and sends the listener in several different directions to great effect.
Songs like the following “Goon” and “Storm Pill” find the band exploring almost hardcore, poppish punk and stoner metal vibes along with soulful vocal lines. Singer John Carbone displays his superb range and sense of melody and I detect a hint of Marvin Gaye, etc influence… though that may be completely my imagination. The point is, he isn’t afraid to express himself here and he has the pipes and creativity to pull it off in an original and plausible way. In fact, there isn’t anything contrived to be found on this recording in my opinion. One of the more difficult things when creating music is to incorporate a number of influences and styles, yet somehow retain some sense of self without anything feeling forced.
The closing track, “Silver Gallows”, continues to highlight the bands musical talent, especially guitarist Nick Lee’s shredding skills, though tastefully pulled off. Overall, you can tell that arrangement, complexity, ultra-tight performances, a clean production and just plain catchiness were well thought out and the end result is nothing short of brilliance. Go listen to this band, especially if you are looking for something new and interesting.

Words : Clayton Bartholomew
Upcoming Shows:
9/6 - The Pool House (Bellmore, NY)
9/13 - The Grand Victory (Brooklyn, NY)
9/14 - Even Flow Bar & Grill (Bay Shore, NY)
9/21 - House Party (Baldwin, NY)
10/10 - Sierra Grille (Northampton, MA)
10/11 - The Oasis Pub (New London, CT)
10/12 - The Pool House (Bellmore, NY)
10/18 - TBA (Philadelphia, PA)
10/19 - Centerville Studios (LI)
10/20 - BSP Lounge (Kingston, NY)