Saturday, 7 September 2013

Swamp Lung

Swamp Lung cover art

Swamp Lung is a Doom/Sludge Metal band from Adelaide, South Australia

I can't find much info on this great band but I can tell you that Swamp Lung are the real fucking deal. Their blend of epic Doom/Sludge Metal will have you begging for more.

Their S/T EP is 34 minutes of crushing Doom/Sludge Metal riffs which will annihilate everything in it's sight. These guys are something else indeed. First track - Infant Thought - will show you what to expect for the next 34 mins or so. Heavy punishing riffs packed with enough tension to physically destroy your entire being.

Swamp Lung worship at the same church as Bong, Sunn0))) and Electric Wizard. So if you're a fan of those legendary bands then Swamp Lung will speak volumes to you. Volume is the key here and I mean LOUD, DISTORTED VOLUME as Swamp Lung include a lot of feedback on this release so your hearing maybe damaged after listening to this excellent EP.

2nd track - Constant Reinforcement - feels like a poor innocent soul is being tortured to death. The vocals are creepy as fuck and have a real sense of despair and danger around them. Throw in the slow guitar riffs from earlier and this track has the power bring your worst nightmares closer to reality. But the song does have some great riffs lurking at the end which I didn't expect as this track is very dark and dangerous to begin with.

Swamp Lung do speed things up a bit on the excellent 3rd track - Starspawn - but they are still creepy and very dangerous as hell. Riffs have a distorted feel matched against more torturous vocals that will send a chill down your body.

I have gone on long enough about this excellent album. It's creepy as hell and full of enough tension to match a classic horror movie. So headover to BandCamp and download this now!!!  - You won't be sorry.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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