Sunday, 1 September 2013


Krüppel EP cover art 

 Vulva is a Doom/Hardcore/Sludge Metal band from Hanover, Germany

The members are: Max-Johannes-Felix-Leif

Vulva are another excellent Sludge Metal Band from Germany to crush your soul to. Their Doom/Hardcore tinged Sludge Metal is full of anger and despair to cause you unwanted nightmares.

Vulva's debut EP - Krüppel is a hard-hitting slab of finely tuned Sludge Metal with dark elements of Doom Metal and Hardcore to give Vulva a terrifying original sound of their own.

First track - Sucker - is a nightmarish 6 minute journey into the realms of darkness. The heavy pounding riffs makes it very hard to escape Vulva's dark world but you can't deny the brilliance of the music crashing around you.

Vulva add elements of Post-Black Metal to their music especially on the excellent title track -
Krüppel - which feels influenced by Wolves In The Throne Room and Neurosis. This is the EP's best track. It shows what Vulva can do once their in full flight.

On this form Vulva prove they are a very powerful indeed and nothing is going to get in their way. The music it can be very depressing at times but what do you expect from a hard-hitting Sludge Metal band like Vulva.

Please note that Vulva are not sexist. They say the following about their name: "Vulva does not mean we are sexists and underlines the antipatriarchic character of our music."

On this form Vulva are definitely a Sludge Metal band to look out for. If you want epic slabs of Sludge/Post-Metal then Vulva are the band for you. They have written 4 excellent tracks full of raw human emotion to get you thinking the world around you.

Download this now as its on BandCamp Buy Now Download. You won't be sorry.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.