Saturday, 7 September 2013


Demo cover art

Atlas is a Hard Rock/Stoner Rock band from Sweden

The members are:

Claes Josefsson
Torsten Gabrielsson
Alexander Huss
Kalle Persson

Atlas - Mainly used as a map of the earth or a region of the Earth. Well this Atlas points all the way to Sweden. We all know where Sweden stands in the realm of Stoner Rock. Mainly one of the best countries providing brilliant Stoner Rock Bands such as Graveyard and Truckfighters.

Now we have Atlas though their style of Stoner Rock is a lot more straight forward and pays homage to the legendary Hard Rock bands of the 70s.

Atlas debut demo is a superb hard rocking affair from start to finish showing off the bands excellent talents. If you want a band with plenty of groove and riff than Atlas are the band for you. Their demo is on for 15 mins but it has plenty of grooves and riffs to rock out to.

First track - Two Wolves - shows what Atlas is all about. Riffs and damn fine vocals to match. This track has elements of Doom Metal as well to give Atlas music a more hard rocking edge. It's played at a fast and furious pace where it feels quite relentless at times .And that is no bad thing in my book. Especially when Atlas include some awesome Thin Lizzy dual guitar worship near the end.

Second Track -  Sleep - may start off as a slow burning track with hints of Blues Rock but wait until the screeching vocals and riffs kick in around the 1 minute mark. It will definitely awaken you from your slumber. It has the perfect balance of mid-paced riffs matched with loud and angrier Stoner Rock riffage lurking in the background.

Third Track - Bluesbeater - ends the demo on a great high. This is probably my fave track as it has a great Blues Rock vibe. But in Atlas world nothing stays quiet for long. The Hard Rock vibe soon takes over and gives this track a life of it's own. I could see this song going down a storm on the live arena. It has plenty of head-banging moments for the rockers to rock out to. It ends the demo on an almighty high.

All in all this release is an excellent release from another great Stoner Rock band from Sweden. I can't wait to see what Atlas can unleash on a full length record. Lets hope that time is soon as Atlas have real potential to make their mark on the world of Stoner Rock.

Headover to BandCamp now as it's available for free download. You won't be sorry.

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