Sunday, 1 September 2013

Curse The Son - Psychache

Psychache cover art 

Curse The Son is Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Camden, Connecticut.

The members are

Ron Vanacore - Guitars & Vocals
Michael Petrucci - Drums
Cheech - Bass

I originally featured this excellent band back in Sept 2011 when I reviewed their previous album - Klonopain. It made me a fan of Curse The Son.

Well two years later I am featuring them again as they released their brilliant new album - Psychache - back in Jan 2013. How the fuck did I miss this I don't know as Psychache is fucking incredible.

I only found out about this release as Aaron aka DOUBLEADOOM77 posted this on the Facebook Page late last night. I apologised to both Aaron and our fans for missing this. But I am correcting that mistake now. I am telling you all not to follow the same stupid mistake I made many months ago by missing this.

You need this album now. Curse The Son are back and hard hitting as ever. Their blend of Doom/Stoner Metal riffs will have you head-banging from start to finish. Taking influence from legendary bands as Sabbath, Vitus and Pentagram - Curse The Son still have their own original vision of riffs to pound you with.

The album starts off with the excellent - Goodbye Henry Anslinger - full of great 70s inspired Doom Metal riffs that the masters would be proud to call their own. Curse The Son have included some Electric Wizard inspired psych Doom riffage here.

It gives Curse The Son a heavier and more violent edge compared to their debut album. The band continue venturing into the darker and seedier side of psych on superb tracks - Psychache, Valium For and the brutal as fuck epic - The Negative Ion.

The Negative Ion feels like a violent out of control tornado jam session between Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Sleep and Electric Wizard all vying for musical supremacy. All we can do is sit back and listen to the heavy monolithic carnage blasting through our ear drums.

Vocalist Ron is on epic form through out. His vocals have a great Ozzy vibe but with a hint of Chris Cornell at his majestic best. But you still wouldn't want to make him angry as he has enough power to blast your entire body into dust!!!

I have to give credit to Cheech on Bass and Michael on Drums as they add some much needed steel to Curse The Son's sound. They lay down some heavy licks for Ron to build his riffs of mass destruction on. Very powerful stuff indeed.

I have gone on long enough. This album is brilliant. Plain and Simple. Headover to BandCamp and download this on Buy Now Download. Contribute if you can as these are a great bunch of guys making amazing music.

Fucking Awesome!!!!

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