Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pyramido - SAGA - Album Review

Pyramido is a Doom/Sludge Metal Band from Sweden

The members are

Ronnie Källbäck
Henrik Wendel
Dan Hedlund
Dan Bengtsson
Viktor Forss

Pyramido have been spreading their Doom Heavy inspired Sludge Metal for a few years now. I became a fan when they released their excellent debut record –. It was a brutal blast of heavy sludge metal riffage with enough power to cause maximum damage to your entire body.

We all know that some of the finest and heaviest Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal bands come from Sweden. It is written into any Swedish bands DNA to be heavy, powerful, and loud and become the best at what they do. Well Pyramido are successful on all levels. As they are back with their excellent hard hitting 3rd album – SAGA. It features some of their heaviest work to date. If you’re already a fan of this great band then you will need no further convincing. However, here are my thoughts on the album anyway…

So SAGA – Pyramido’s eagerly awaited 3rd album is finally upon us. 6 songs. 38 minutes of finely tuned Doom/Sludge Metal riffage that cuts right down to the bone. Their style of brutal paced vocals and riffs means your on the edge of your seat through out. It’s too Pyramido’s credit they add elements of Psych Rock to their music to give it a highly addictive edge.

But Pyramido still include pay respects to their native homeland. All of the song titles are in the bands native language. So I may have to ask our very own Swedish Resident of Sludge/Stoner/Doom – Hakan to translate them for me. But that would take the mysterious vibe behind them. I don’t want to know what the English Translation is. Something will probably be lost in translation anyway.

Something that is never lost in translation is the huge barrage of riffs that Pyramido once again have at their disposal.

First track - Varje steg är ett snedsteg - is a 7 minute plus epic that gets straight down to business of laying down some finely tuned heavy crushing riffs to break your neck to. Ronnie's vocals are quite deafening and I mean that in the best possible way. If you’re a newcomer to the world of Pyramido then this will shake you to the core. If you’re a fan of Thou, EHG, Primitive Man and Cough then this is going to speak volumes to you.

The band is tighter than ever before. All playing as one finely tuned unit to lay down as many heart-pounding riffs they possibly can.

Second track – År av onåd - carries on the doom laiden heavy sludge gospel to a fine art. It may be played at a mid-paced level but it’s still heavy as anything that has came before it. Pyramido have included some top-notch finely tuned Psych Riffs to show the band isn’t afraid to experiment with their sound. Definitely one of the albums standout tracks. Ronnie is at his gut-wrenching best here. His vocals are screamed at maximum levels of pain and agony. This is one highly passionate vocalist who makes you care about what he is shouting at you.

So that’s 15 minutes gone and another excellent 22 minutes of hard-hitting riffs to go. And Pyramido don’t waste a single second on playing those amazing brutal riffs to crush your skull to.

Powerful tracks such as Fosie and Klockrike – carry this heavy bruising encounter into the realm of great albums you need to own. There is no denying this is Pyramido’s best work to date. They have thrown everything into this release and it shows. The results are explosive and just waiting for a bigger audience as possible to discover this excellent album.

Klockrike is a work of psychedelic genius. A track full of beautiful slow paced riffs matched with 70’s based atmospheric psych folk-rock to show Pyramido at their most experimental. Though it’s business as usual for the excellent final two tracks - Ingen människa är en ö & Tiden är kommen

Loud, epic heavy riffs played with a real sense of purpose to bombard the listener with. These two tracks can be classed as one epic final assault on the listener’s senses. Pyramido throw everything at you to make sure you’re brilliantly entertained. And they succeed on every level. Swedish Sludge/Stoner Metal bands are experts at ending albums on a loud epic finish and Pyramido carry on this great tradition.

This is one SAGA I never wanted to end. I wish the guys included one epic final track on the album I was so much into this album. But other than that – SAGA is a triumph on every level. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to the guys for sending us a promo to review. SAGA will be available to buy from October 2013 either from the band or here

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