Tuesday, 10 September 2013

American Sharks - S/T Album Review

American Sharks is a Hardcore/Punk/Garage-Rock/Stoner Rock band from Austin, TX, USA

The members are: Mike, Will, Nick

American Sharks are a hotly tipped Punk/Garage Rock/Stoner Rock Band who is drawing comparisons to Torche, Red Fang and Big Business. This is quite a good description actually. American Sharks have played with The Sword on multiple occasions and they will be supporting Clutch and The Sword on their forthcoming tour. Plus opening for a legendary band called Godflesh in Oct 2013.

So they have quite a reputation. Their S/T debut album is a snarling violent beast of an album. Its action packed full of riffs blending Ramones style Punk with Torche style Sludge/Stoner Riffs but still sounding so original. Oh yeah the album is done and dusted within 20 mins. Yeah 9 tracks and all over in 20 mins flat.

So no progressive riffs here folks. This is music played at an intense pace that will leave you breathless. Opening track Iron Lungs is 89 seconds of pure unwanted garage rock/hard rock fury. It gets straight down to business with a brutal bass line played for maximum effect aided along by crazy drumming and guitar riffs.

Up next is the albums standout track – Overdrive – A 2:03 minute rollercoaster of thrills and spills that will awaken the old-school punk in your soul. Damn this track feels it has came from the year 1977 and given a modern day rock makeover and it is a blast from start to finish. Definitely a Punk/Stoner Rock classic in the making. The accompanying music video is influenced from cult 80s classic – Repo Man.

And that is how the album plays out for the next 16 mins or so. Fast-paced Garage Rock/Punk/Stoner Rock riffs to chew on. If this album were released during the legendary Punk Rock movement of the 70s, it would be considered a classic as it has the look and feel of an album of that period.

Even though the songs are relatively short, the band still include some great sing-along lyrics to shout out to if you can keep up with the frantic pace of it all. Check out Santa’s Overture Pt.1 and I dare you not to sing-along with this crazy bunch of individuals. 2:24 mins of finely tuned Punk carnage to rock out to with your friends.

Tracks such as Indian Man, XVI and Freak Out will have your heart racing at a 100mph. The band is one of the fastest paced bands I have heard in years. Do not go expecting a life changing album from American Sharks. It is not their style. American Sharks just wanna party and have fun. And we need bands like American Sharks to shake the foundations of Rock Music.

The album is brilliantly produced. You can hear every pounding riff played to maximum effect. American Sharks have delivered a vibrant, funny, fast paced and superb album that will win them many fans within the Stoner/Hard Rock.

Texas finest Gutter-Stoner-Punks are here to stay and I want to hear more.

Awesome and Highly Recommended.

American Sharks will be released via The End Records on CD/DD/LP Formats on 17th Sept 2013. Thanks to Chris at Rabble Rouser PR for sending me a promo to review.

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Check out the brilliant video for Overdrive.