Saturday, 28 September 2013

Black Willows - Haze - Album Review

Haze cover art

Black Willows is a Psychedelic Stoner Rock Band from Lausanne, Switzerland

The members are:

Aleister Crowley: guitar/vocals
Melanie Renaud: guitar
Kevin Richard: bass
Nicolas Monica: drums

Black Willows are not an easy band to categorize as they include may different genres of music into their own unique vision. Doom, Stoner, Psych Rock, Ambient and Eastern Soundscapes combine to portray a band with a haunting vision of noise and depth.

Their excellent album – Haze – was released earlier this year and I have finally had the chance to listen to it. That is no mean feat. It is a 66-minute masterclass of experimental Stoner Rock that will delight and confuse you in equal measure. Black Willows are a highly original band in their own right.

If you are expecting a straightforward Stoner Rock album then please look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for something weird, wonderful and highly original then you are in luck, as Haze will blow you away. The album will take you to the far reaches of your mind with its powerful psychedelic riffs. This is a band that literally belongs beyond Time and Space. Black Willows have written some astonishing riffs that will you breathless.

Black Willows are influenced by Eastern Sounds and vibes as they play a major part of the albums epic running time. It gives Haze a mysterious aura that is instantly hypnotic. The band add more layers of great riffs with each passing moment especially on excellent tracks – Doors Of Perception, Neptune, Haiku, Black Magic and the amazing 14 minute epic – Dead Mantra.

I am not doing a song by song review as I found the album a deeply rich rewarding experience that it you need to listen to in one sitting. If you only listen to certain parts of the album then you are truly missing out on such a brilliant album. It is a hypnotic album full of wonder that is highly addictive.

Black Willows add spellbinding vocals to match the great riffs they have on show here. You may think what lead singer Aleister is actually singing about at times but you will soon start believing every word that he is singing. I forgot to say that Black Willows are actually loud and I mean loud!!!. If you are a fan of Black Sabbath and Monster Magnet then you can hear slight influences of those two legendary bands popping up every now and again.

I don't know what more can I say about this brilliant album. It has already received a whole truckload of praise and you can see the reasons why. Haze is an epic dream-like masterpiece of Stoner Rock that you will be listening to time and time again. The production is immense. You can hear every note and riff thrown at you even if you were located in another dimension. That is how powerful Haze actually is.

Do yourself a favour and check Haze out now. You will not be sorry.

Incredible and Highly Recommended.

Haze is available to buy from Black Willows BandCamp Now. Thanks to the band for sending me a promo to review.

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