Saturday, 14 September 2013

Interview with Granted Earth

Today on Sludgelord I am interviewing Sludge/Post-Metal Sonic Warriors – Granted Earth.

The hugely talented band I originally featured back in August 2011.

I described this hugely talented trio as - “So if you're into ISIS, PELICAN, and OPETH then you will absolutely dig these guys. As they really are the perfect blend of those bands and then some.”

They have released two excellent albums so far

Both showing what a hugely talented unit Granted Earth are. Well Jon, Becky and Mallory have kindly agreed an interview with me. 

Well maybe not Becky as she has just given birth to a baby girl. So congrats to both Jon and Becky on their new arrival. So maybe it will be Jon and Mallory. Or just Mallory. Let's see and find out who I am talking too.

Q1 – Hi there. Thanks for doing this. How are things with you all today? - Congrats to Becky and Jon on their new baby daughter.

Jon - Hi Steve.  Thanks for having us and thank you for the warm welcome. Becky and I are more than stoked with our new baby girl. She is amazing!

Q2 – Can you give our readers a brief history of how the band came about.

Mallory - Becky and Jon were previously in a heavy rock band together in Monterey called Mnemonic Device.  We all met through friends and jamming together.  A new project sparked and just took over from there.

Q3 – How would you describe your music. Sludge/Post-Metal or just good old Heavy Metal.

Jon - We listen to a lot of different stuff. It’s all in those categories but at the end of the day, it’s all GEarth Rock to us.              

Q4 – It's been a while since I have heard from Granted Earth. But your new single – Beside Yourself – is an excellent song. Will this track be on the new album you’re currently recording now.

Mallory - “Beside Yourself” was a special release on its own done in collaboration with our engineer Aaron Rauber at Franklin Street Studios here in Monterey. It was mostly a live recording with a few overdubs, and was sort of a “test run” for the studio’s new recording console. We think it was a pretty a successful test. The production quality is on a whole new level compared to the previous releases. The same is true for the new record that we are currently tracking – the production sounds natural and huge and we haven’t even started any post-production yet. “Beside Yourself” might be featured as a bonus track on a digital version of the new record.

Q5 – What can we expect on the new album. Heard you guys have gone heavier than you have ever before.

Mallory - More heavy riffage, more thickness and GEarth, more bounce, more psyched-out foreboding guitar solos, more tension and release and more of Jon’s savagery vocally behind the kit. Pretty much more of the goods.

Jon - The vocals are powerful, the drums and bass kick some heavy flows, and you can expect a great deal of catchy riffs to come punch you square in the noggin.  -Jon

Q6 – Where did the name – Granted Earth – come from. Any special meaning behind it.

Mallory - The meaning is a lot like how it sounds. This life on earth and our connection with earth, music, and the cosmos is a gift – don’t take it for granted

Q7 – Your début release – Thermal Tide – was purely instrumental. And then on the 2nd album you decided to have Jon as vocalist. Was that a hard decision to make. Were you anxious making that leap to a band with vocals.

Jon - We didn't think about it too much. We just kept writing and liked how it came across. We saw that it could be done without adding a fourth member if I could teach myself to perform like that live. It was a pretty easy decision after that

Q8 – Do you all have regular jobs or is being a musician your main job.

Jon - We all have regular day jobs. It helps

Q9 – What is your favourite song you have recorded so far. Or is that a hard question to ask.

Mallory - "A Day in Eternity” has been my favorite since we started playing it, however “The Transit”, the album title track, is quickly becoming my new favorite even though I thought it was going to be the least strong track on the record.

Q10 – How big of a help has BandCamp in getting your music across to the masses.

Mallory - BandCamp is a great tool for artists – props to the people over there for making such a great interface that really benefits the artist. The addition of the merch store has also been great for us and does make it easy for us to ship our work to our friends overseas. But there’s nothing like getting out and playing live to reach people.

Q11 – Has the Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal community been a big help in getting your music across to the masses. Have you received any mainstream attention yet.

Jon - This community has shown us a whole lot of love and acceptance from many parts of the world. Most definitely!  We never went for a mainstream sound. It would be surprising if we ever did get that kind of attention.

Q12 – In 5 words or less describe the live Granted Earth experience.

Jon - “What’s this band’s name again?”

Q13 – What are your views of bands using websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to fund their new album releases. Some people and bands are for it. Some are not. Would you consider doing some thing like that yourselves.

Jon - We had some friends use Kickstarter and it worked out for them. It’s not for every band though.

Q14 – How easy is it for you to get regular gigs or do you perform only when everyone is available to play.

Jon - We reside in a small town so we limit our performances locally. San Francisco and other larger cities are a couple of hours away. We travel there as much as we can, but mostly when the opportunity feels right.

Q15 – Have you performed with any famous bands or musicians. If so, who have been your favourite to play with.

Jon - We have played with a lot of rad bands and talented people. Maybe not all so well-known yet. But we're stoked to have played with them all. Hopefully we will get a chance to play some larger shows with bigger known acts someday soon.

Q16 – What are your favourite bands you are currently listening to. Any bands that myself or ur readers should check out.

Jon - Before The Eyewall, Rolling Through The Universe, and pretty stoked on the new Queens Of The Stone Age album. The new Helms Alee and Russian Circles too.

Q17 – If you could provide words to wisdom for people wanting to start a band – What would they be.

Mallory - Be prepared to give up all your free time and paychecks for the extraneous crap that being in a band involves, aside from practice and gigging. Take all the shows you can and be true to yourself, because if the music doesn’t drive your soul at its deepest level, you can burn out quickly. 

Q18 – What are the advantages and disadvantages of being in a band. Financial aspect being a part of band could be a major disadvantage.

Jon - You don't have to have money to play. You just have to find a way to make it happen for yourself. There’s always something about being in a band that sucks. In that case, you have to try and make it suck less.

Q19 – This is more of a question for Jon and Becky – Is it a hard dynamic to contend with having your partner being in the same band as. Does it cause any extra stress at times.

Jon - The good always outweighs the bad. We stress but then we compromise and hold it together. As long as we share the same direction in sound it goes pretty smoothly.

Q20 – Finally do you have anything to say to your fans.

Jon - Thanks for your attention and support. Go out and support your local music scenes however you can. Check out our new LP coming up!

Mallory - Don’t be a stranger, we love hearing from you!

Thanks to Jon and Mallory from Granted Earth for doing this excellent interview. If you haven't checked out these superb rockers then do yourself a favour and check em out now!!!

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