Saturday, 14 September 2013

NONSUN - Sun Blind Me

Sun Blind Me cover art

Nonsun are a Drone/Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal band from The Ukraine.

The members are:

Alpha - drums
Goatooth - guitars, bass, vocals, keys

Nonsun are back. Those gloomy Sludge/Drone/Doom/Post-Metal Noise Terrorists are back with their brilliant new album - Sun Blind Me - which is the perfect soundtrack to your most horrific nightmares coming to life.

Sun Blind Me is a 42 minute monolithic slab of nightmarish riffs that will make you confront your most evil fears. Long, slow drawn out epic riffs to crush your fucking skull to. Nonsun have created the soundtrack to the most bleakest apocalypse imaginable.

Sun Blind Me does have 2 tracks from their excellent debut which I reviewed earlier this year. Rain Have Mercy and Forgotten Is What Never Was. But you know something, the songs actually sound better here than on their demo release. They sort of belong here more.

The band have recorded two new tracks - Alphomega (Part I: Sunlit Darkness) and Alphomega (Part II: Upward Blindness). 22 minutes of new music to chill your soul to. They are more ambient based compared to the first two tracks. But they still prove that Nonsun have a very big future ahead of them indeed. Their blend of Drone/Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal are some of the heaviest riffs I have heard this year.

Nonsun class Sun Blind Me as an EP. I would call it album as its on for 42 mins or so. When Nonsun finally do get round in releasing their debut full length record I have a feeling that it will be something dark, violent, heavy and epic all in one go. I will await that day with baited breath as I may need some time to fully recover from it.

Sun Blind Me  is one of the bleakest Sludge/Post-Metal releases you will hear this year. Heavy and atmospheric from the start. Nonsun have created a huge barrage of slow paced riffs packed full of emotion.
If you have the guts to listen to this you can download it for free or buy the cassette from the links below:


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