Thursday 1 March 2012

Attack! Vipers!- Deadweight Revival -Review

Attack! Vipers! Hail from Southsea, England and play an impressive brand of Chaotic hardcore/punk with a post-metal edge.
They are made up of the following members.
Joe - Vocals
Ben - Guitar
Tom - Bass
Mark - Drums

Let's be honest , there are a lot of bands who peddle the Hardcore sound but don't stand out. Attack! Vipers! have no such problem combining a range of influences to create a diverse album.

At their most ferocious they bring to mind the fury of Converge with hard hitting tracks like "Reverse Heart Attack" and "Raised by Wolves", but there is another more gentle side to Attack! Vipers! A post-rock leaning on the instrumental "You Were Hope" and "Untitled" reveal an instrumental side reminiscent of Pelican or even Mogwai. Though the latter gives way to a furious hardcore song, it shows real ambition and originality.
There is also the soft female spoken word parts to the slow burning "Out in The Dark" to further add to the mix.
Furious at times, reflective in parts an excellent release that will stand up with any of the genre's releases this year. This album is available on usual formats from Specialist  Subject Records check it out on the links below and more on the band.