Thursday 1 March 2012

Merdarahta Are Back!!!

fault of air / breathe Cover Art

Merdarahta is an Ambient/Doom/Drone//Noise Metal Band from Canada.

The members are:

t. das, m. mongeon, l. newton, m. bourgon, m. vilandré, m. das, s. choquette, d. menard

Merdarahta are an amazing Ambient/Doom/Drone/Noise Metal band who I have featured before. I have said this before and I will say it again I am a massive fan of Topon Das. He is one of the best musicians currently working in the underground scene today.

I love his work with FUCK THE FACTS and his production work with bands like Alaskan amongst others,

Well T emailed me about Merdarahta's new album "fault of air / breathe" and asked me to find my opinion. Well as ever T and the gang have not let me down.

"Merdarahta features members of Fuck The Facts and The Sun Through A Telescope come together to create dark and haunting atmospheres, with heavy droning guitars driven through walls of noise. Simple and subdued."

The above description doesn't tell you half the story of this superb album. It's a 4 song 38 minute ride of brilliantly out there collection of Ambient based Drone/Doom Post Rock sounds that will leave you breathless.

Quiet, Earthly, Hollow, Loud, Dense are just some of the words I can describe this great album. 

People have been asking me to post more Drone/Ambient/Doom Bands and I said I would. So Thank The Sludge Heavens for Merdarahta to answer our prayers.

The sounds on this release are simply a joy to listen to. The 16 minute epic "Fault Of Air I" just left me breathless with the vast sounds on show. Superbly put together with a dark atmosphere lurking in the background.

The other 3 songs are just as great. But "Fault Of Air I" one is my fave track on this superb release. Things do get heavy now and again with loud crunching Drone/Doom Rock riffs creeping in.

This isnt an easy album to listen to. But Ambient/Drone Music is not supposed to be. You need this music to build up the atmosphere before luring you into their sacred world.

"Fault Of Air / Breathe" successfully does this from the word go. You actually do feel involved with the superb music on show.

This is another brilliant release from a truly talented and original band. You can download this superb release from BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

If you like what you hear then download their debut release "snake charmer / towers" and see how this great band first started.

I can't wait to see what these guys do next. They will open your mind and make you think to what your listening to. Amazing Stuff and Highly Recommended!!!

Check this great band below: