Tuesday 6 March 2012

BURIED SLEEPER - Colosseum Review

Colosseum Cover Art

Buried Sleeper is a Stoner Metal Band from Glasgow, Scotland

The members are

Harry Clapham
Dominic Hardy
Bryce Sutherland
Tommy Wigman

Buried Sleeper play a modern blend of Stoner Metal mixing in Sludge, Grunge to superb effect. The band has released their outstanding debut album “Colosseum” which is a 7 song 53 minute ride of top-notch Stoner Metal riffs.

Buried Sleeper play a distorted kind of Stoner/Sludge Metal paying homage to great bands past and present. But still bringing their own sense of originality to the mix as well.

Colosseum is superbly produced and performed by this hugely talented 4 piece. These guys throw a mixture of genres and ambient noises to create something you don’t hear very often.

Especially on the 14:35 minute epic – “Blue Pale Dot”. A superb blast of top notch Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs that blends Grunge, Ambient and even Fuzz Rock to great effect. I didn’t want this song to end so much so I listened to it about 3 times in a row on my first listen of this great album.

The album is full of other standout tracks that will have you head-banging in no time such as “Manticore”, “Finite Lord” and “Temple Of Nothing”. These tracks including “Blue Pale Dot” show what this band is all about and what they do with such relevant ease.

Blending hypnotic Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs with a compelling story to tell on each brilliant individual track. The only way I can describe this band superb music is: If YOB and Alice In Chains got together to form a supergroup of sorts. This would be the brilliant end result.

As Buried Sleeper do a have a lot of common with these superb bands but still do it in a truly original way.

I have reviewed a lot of Glaswegian Based Artists and bands but Buried Sleeper are my fave so far. As they have crafted a truly spellbinding and brilliant album that will rightly go down as one of 2012 best releases.

The CD Packaging on this release deserves a mention to. OK it’s the basic 4 Panel Gatefold Cover but it’s the artwork that grabs the attention. Superbly drawn by Richard Kearney. The album artwork definitely matches the mood of this amazing album. Taking you into an unknown world full of hypnotic wonder.

And that’s how you feel after this brilliant album. It shows a great band that know how to play a superb Sludge/Stoner Metal riff with great vocals to match.

All in all a truly outstanding album from a brilliant band I hope to hear more of in the future.

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant.

You can buy this sublime album from BandCamp on Digital or Physical Release.

Check This Hugely Talented Band Below:

Check out the awesome 15 minute epic "Blue Pale Dot" from this amazing album.