Thursday 8 March 2012

Scott Holmes -We used to paint stars In the sky-Review

Scott Holmes is a musician from Arbroath, Scotland. He has been featured on Sludglord previously Here .
Scott now has released his debut album "We Used To Paint Stars In The Sky" and its a brilliant mixture of Post-Rock and Ambient Indie Rock.

The album title fits the music perfectly, as Scot paints soundscapes full of textures and melody . Starting out Scott intended to make a post-rock record, but his influences and desire to incorporate them has seen him make a unique record.

Fans of Mogwai, Russian Circles will appreciate the instrumental post rock of songs like "Levels Of Greatness" "Death Of an Orchid" . The former is my favourite track on this album its forever on repeat on my Ipod. The track has a wonderful bounce to it and its fast becoming one of my favourite songs period. There's more here as Scott puts a lot into his music, opener "Doorway To Tomorrow" is a gentle melodic song with Scott singing, laying his soul out.

"October" starts out with the sound of gentle waves ,singing birds and features soft female vocals. "High On A Hill" is in essence a Scottish folk song with Scott singing in a Scots brogue .
"Death Of an Orchid" has a darker feel with layers of guitar giving more of a Pelican feel to the song.

"Signals", "Always The Last to Know" and the title track could grace any Explosions In The Sky album. Scott puts his own stamp on the songs though. Often a soft vocal or the abundance of melodies cascading down through the tracks makes his work instantly recognisable.
I have singled out some tracks, but really this is an album of quality that should be enjoyed in full.

Its refreshing to hear an album that stands out in the Post-Rock world, and Scott has made a diverse and fantastic album that fans of many genres can enjoy. "We Used To Paint Stars In The Sky" is available from Bandcamp ,Cd copies should be on sale soon also.
Check it out and more about Scott Holmes on the links below.