Sunday 11 March 2012


Hawk Eyes is an Alternative Metal Band from Leeds, UK

The members are:

Paul- Vocals // Guitar
Rob - Guitar
Ryan - Bass
Steve - Drums

Hawk Eyes have been around a long while in the UK Underground scene. They were originally called Chicken Hawk and they released their acclaimed debut album “Modern Bodies” in 2010. Modern Bodies was heavy pulsating affair mixing Stoner, Hardcore Punk, Prog Rock and Alt Metal to heavy brutal effect. The album had a great “you don’t know what is going to happen next” attitude to it. And it made these talented rockers stand out from the crowd.

Well in 2011 the guys changed their name to Hawk Eyes and have changed their sound in a more mature direction. Their new album “Ideas” is another brilliant album coming out from the UK Metal Scene.

Ideas is an 11 song 40 minute blast of top-notch heavy-rocking riffs that incorporates the same sound but it’s more focused. They have a lost a bit of the “what is going to happen next” carnage vibe but they have added a superb QOTSA/Faith No More type vibe to their music.

This album is full of superb “Ideas” all brimming to be let loose in any second to blast the listener to. The guys are more inventive than before. One minute you could be listening to a QOTSA riff, then a Faith No More vibe then it goes into Devin Townsend territory.

The album is superbly produced and you can tell the guys are having a blast making this superb album. Especially on tracks like “Witch Hunt”, “Skyspinners” and “Hollywood Sweatshop”.

As they play their hearts out on every single superb track. Hawk Eyes are a band that are very hard to categorize as they blend all of the genres to superb effect in a quest to forge their own identity. And they succeed on every level.

If you’re into QOTSA, System Of A Down, Faith No More and Devin Townsend well you will find much to enjoy here. As you can hear their influences at various times on this superb album. But they are still a truly original band in the UK Metal Scene.

Modern Bodies might be the heavier album and is one I still rate highly. But it did try to include too many ideas and genres for its own good which made it hard to listen to for the casual listener. It took me about 4 to 5 listens to truly enjoy their previous album

But they have no such problem here on “Ideas”. Everything is fitted in the right place. Each song flows brilliantly onto the next. The guys still have their old vibe but mixed in with a more modern feel. And I loved it from the very first listen.

The songs are all superbly played and written to thrill the listener to time and time again.
If I have to choose a Standout track it will have to be two of them. – Kiss This and Bees. As these songs showcase what this superb band does superbly well.

Kiss This is a 2 minute blast of pure Hardcore Metal riffs with a great sing-along chorus that will go down a storm in the live arena. Definitely Mosh-Pit material.

Bees is a 7 minute blast of top notch riffs that builds from what you have heard before but on a more epic scale. And is another song that will go down a storm in the live arena. Plus it has a great Faith No More homage near the end. Simply sublime.

Well I have gone on long enough. This is a brilliant album that Hawk Eyes should be proud of. I hope they keep this style of sound as it suits their blast of high energy riffs the have became well known for.

Highly Recommended and another highlight in the British Metal Scene. Brilliant.

You can buy this superb release on March 26th from good stockists everywhere and on BandCamp.

Check these talented riffs monsters below: