Tuesday 27 March 2012


Dala Sun are a Stoner Metal Band from Greece

The members are:

Harris : Guitar-Vocals
Tolas : Bass
Andreas : Drums

Dala Sun play a great blend of Desert Rock, Fuzz Rock and Stoner Metal to truly hypnotic effect. If you’re into Kyuss, Dozer, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu then you’re going to love these guys.

Dala Sun have been on this blog before with their brilliant 2010 debut album. Sala Dun. Well they guys are back with their outstanding new album –  Gegenschein – An 8 song 38 minute blast of top-notch Stoner Metal riffs with extra added Desert Rock and Fuzz Rock to truly stand out from the crowd.

Not much has changed since their brilliant debut album. Well apart from the riffs are heavier, faster and catchier than ever before. Throw in brilliant lyrics and vocals and Dala Sun have released another outstanding album. The riffs still come thick and fast like before.

Though the guys throw in the odd old school Thrash Metal Style riff especially on “Fistful Of Teeth.”. Just one of the many top-notch tracks on show like “Sludge Monster”, “Moniktaro” and brilliantly titled “Riding Donkeys Backwards”.

The album is brilliantly performed and produced by all involved. You can hear every note played to Stoner Metal perfection. This is an album that will have you rocking in no time.

2012 in Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal terms is getting better and better. This is further evidence of brilliant albums to discover to enjoy time and time again. This is an absolute blast of an album.

Dala Sun have delivered another sublime album and I urge you all to download this brilliant album right now. As Dala Sun are offering this amazing album for free download from their official website.

I urge you all to download this now. You won’t be sorry. If your new to the world of Dala Sun then download their outstanding debut album as well also available for free download.

Highly Recommended – Get Downloading Now!!!

Check This Great Band Below


Check Out the brilliant "Sludge Monster" from their brilliant new album Gegenschien.