Thursday 15 March 2012


Orenda Cover Art 

Bloodmoon is a Psych Sludge Metal Band from San Luis Obispo, California.

The members are:

Peter Tomis - Guitar/Vocals
Pat Mullholland - Bass
Jason Goldie - Drums/Vocals

Bloodmoon play a great blend of Psych based Sludge metal mixed in with elements of Doom, Stoner and Black-Metal and Post-Metal to excellent effect.

These guys sound like a more out there version of Isis and Neurosis with huge influences of Psych Rock.

The guys have just released their superb debut album “Orenda”. A 5 song 35 minute blast of top-notch psych based Sludge Metal.

The album has a great raw feeling to it. It is slightly under produced and could have done with a bit more oomph in the sound but overall this is superb album for everyone to check out.

 If your fans of Psych Based Sludge Metal then I urge you to check these guys out as this album is quite simply brutal at times. Blending top-notch Sludge/Stoner/Doom/Post-Metal riffs with spell-binding vocals to match.

The 5 songs on show are all great examples of this bands talent at writing and performing trippy based sludge metal you don’t hear much of these days. Especially on tracks like “Orenda” and “Shallow Berth”.

I can’t recommend these guys highly enough. So get checking them out as you can download this brilliant album from their BandCamp anything you want type deal.

All in all a brilliant album for everyone to check out. Highly Recommended!!!

Check This Great Band Below: