Friday 16 March 2012

If These Trees Could Talk- Red Forest -Review

If These Trees Could Talk (or These Trees,as I'll be referring to them to save my typing fingers!) are an Instrumental Post-Rock band from Ohio, America. They feature the following members.

Zack Kelly- Drums
Jeff Kalal- Guitar
Tom Fihe- Bass
Cody Kelly- Guitar
Michael Socrates- Guitar

As I'm a sucker for this type of music I was delighted to hear These Trees were gearing up to release a new album.
They came to my attention in 2009 with their excellent "Above the Earth, Below the Sky" album. On March 20th they will release "Red Forest" and its a stunning work of dynamic angular Post-rock.

These Trees, have on this album displayed a more mature approach to crafting the songs, everything evolves naturally and with devastating effect.
One of the defining elements of These Trees sound is having three guitarists all pulling together but with different tones and parts all contributing to create intricate melodies and driving rhythms .

Its not all about the three axe-slingers though , the bass is prominent throughout and the drums are both powerful and subtle when the songs require.
Its part of the appeal of These Trees that they know when the song requires pulling back. Making use of space when needed to let the feel of the song come through, not being in a rush to get to a heavier part or crescendo . The album works best as a whole seamlessly weaving its way around your senses ,unfolding like some ethereal dream. The imagery of the title and artwork represent the music perfectly. You can imagine floating over fog-filled dense forests,walking through fallen leaves, moisture hanging in the air, when listening to "Red Forest"

Its difficult sometimes for Instrumental bands to conjure any sense of theme or story to the music. Often its not intended, but These Trees have succeeded in doing this, you feel there's a story to tell through the music a journey , one things for sure its one I'm enjoying and when the end approaches I'm ready to travel it again.

I received this as a review copy and it made such an impression I Pre-ordered the Cd version after one song. Not something that happens very often, Its released on the March 20th and can be Pre-ordered on the link below.
I believe Vinyl copies will be available also, and the usual digital outlets will be selling it. Check out Red Forest below and more on If These Trees Could Talk .

Big Cartel