Thursday 15 March 2012



Diesel King is a Stoner/Sludge Metal Band from London, UK.

The members are:

Mark - Vocals
Geoff 'Dirt Lord' - Guitar
Al - Guitar
3 Hats Will - Bass
Bill 'Filth Wizard' - Drums

Diesel King takes huge influence from the NOLA scene and the legendary bands that come from there. OK not the most original but who cares when the music is this great.

They are about to release their superb new release – “The Ancient And The Nameless”. A 5 song 26 minute blast of hard rocking tunes that any top-notch NOLA band would be proud to call their own.

The EP has great riffs and vocals to match and Diesel King mean dirty sludge business right from the start. Especially on tracks La Santa Muerte and War Song which gets this EP off to a great start.

If you’re a fan of EyeHateGod, Cough, Corrosion Of Conformity then this band is for you. They do infuse bleak lyrics into their music surprisingly well.

Diesel King know how to write a bleak down-tempo Sludge/Stoner Metal riff to chill the soul to. The EP is superbly produced and showcases another superb band coming from the UK Sludge Metal Scene.

My fave track is the 6 minute epic “Pillars Of Creation” as this song showcases what this band does best. Playing hard-hitting riffs to superb effect with added hard-hitting vocals to match as well. These guys would go down a storm on the live circuit as they have a batch of potential mosh-pit classics that will get the most jaded sludge fan going in no time at all.

A fantastic release from a great band to keep an eye out for. You can buy this excellent release here:

Highly Recommended!!!

Check The Guys Out Below: