Saturday 3 March 2012

Boredom- Band to check out

Boredom is a Crust/Slundge Hardcore band from Graz, Austria.
I have only recently discovered this band so I'm not going to go into to much detail but recommend you give these guys a listen.

Boredom play an intense style of crust hardcore with elements of sludge metal, if you like bands like All Pigs Must Die,Trap Them, Black Breath i think you'll love this band, all their releases are free via Bandcamp the most recent of which "World Bores To Death" is a non-stop brutal assault on the senses. Starting of with a glorious sludge metal vibe on "lap dance of rats" the track quickly changes into a fast brutal track.
What makes this Band stand out is there are plenty of elements going on in the songs even though fast and aggressive the quality of the musicianship and attention to detail is impressive.

Reading Boredom's bio , its clear they have strong feelings on society and people in general, their music backs it up ,it seems Boredom hate society and you , they hate you so much they want your ears to bleed and head to explode from listening to their music. For me I loved this thrill-ride through Boredom's world of desolation,anger and I'll be visiting again .