Thursday 1 March 2012

Nately's Whore's Kid Sister - RIBS Review

Just below the ribs (TEASER) Cover Art

Nately's Whore's Kid Sister (NWKS) is an Experimental Sludge Metal band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK (My Hometown!!!)

The members are:

Jim Bowmaker
John Edgar
Matt Saxon
Stuart Walkinshaw
Angus W. Mason

NWKS have taken their name from legendary book Catch-22. They play a blend of Sludge Metal that is very hard to categorize and they are one of the most original bands I have had the pleasure to hear in recent years.
NWKS blend of Sludge Metal incorporates Indie-Rock, Drone, and Ambient all done in a bleak pop sensibility.

NWKS are I would call an Experimental Sludge Metal Band as they blend their genres differently and at different times. These guys are loud from the word go.

NWKS are going to be releasing their debut album “Ribs” in May 2012. It’s a 5 song 33 minute of amazing finely tuned well crafted and hard hitting Sludge Metal that will have you begging for more.

These guys have been building up quite a reputation in the last 12 months or so and its hype for once that’s actually justified.

“Ribs” is an epic assault on the senses – Loud, heavy, distorted, dirty, quiet and full of brilliant angry Sludge Metal riffs.

Imagine if Neurosis included Indie-Rock music into their mix this is what it might sound like. Well it’s the closest comparison I can make as NWKS are a hard band to define which is a great thing in my book.

The EP starts off with a 7 minute crunching brilliant track – “Just Below The Ribs”. This starts off like a melancholic indie folk rock song. But wait till the 3rd or 4th minute when all hell breaks loose. And the chaos reigns in supreme. This is where the loud heavy riffs kick in to blow your world apart. And it never stops till this brilliant album ends.

Things do get bleak at times with the wonderful vocals and lyrics on show. There are no hardcore death grunt growls at all but some outstanding vocals you would hear on a Folk/Indie Rock Band. And RIBS is anything but.

“Babies” the next track is a great 6:42 minute blast of pure heavy pounding riffs driven along by a powerful bass-line. You can hear shades of Neurosis and ISIS on this superb tack. And like those great bands when things start getting heavy they get heavy.

These guys do add a bleak sense of humour to their songs as well. None more so on my fave track “Man outside Cumberland Arms, Byker, 11​-​07​-​11”. An 8:15 minute epic which is mainly instrumental. This song includes actual haunting narratives from a real pub/bar from my neck of the woods that the guys actually recorded.

What they did record is a work of insane genius. I did find myself laughing to this track as it shows there are some total idiots around when you’re trying to have a good time with friends when socialising. This song is the perfect soundtrack to the worst night you have ever had in your local home town. It captures the bleak mood brilliantly well.

The other two tracks are equally superb. Showcasing this amazing bands talent of blending all of their relevant genres into something truly original that you will not hear anywhere else.

NWKS are a thought provoking and forward thinking band that will astonish you with their blend of top-notch experimental metal.

Ribs is superbly produced and you can hear every wonderful loud bleak moment to perfection. Just put this album at full blast and lose yourself in the world of NWKS. It’s a world that’s very hard to escape from. And you know what. I don’t want to escape.

Simply brilliant by one of UK’s most original Sludge Metal Bands.

Buy this amazing release when it comes out in May 2012 from BandCamp.

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Check out the awseome "Man outside Cumberland Arms, Byker, 11​-​07​-​11" played live. Brilliant stuff.