Monday 19 March 2012

Ancestors In Dreams and Time-Review

Ancestors are a Prog/Pysch/Rock band from L.A , America. They feature the following members .
Justin Maranga – Guitar, Vocals
Nick Long – Bass, Vocals
Jason Watkins – Organ, Piano, Vocals
Matt Barks – Moog & Modular Synthesizers, Guitar, Vocals
Daniel Pouliot - Drums

When Ancestors have a new release your never really sure what it going to sound like. Apart from being excellent as they've yet to disappoint me, Earlier work, "Neptune with Fire" and "Of Sound Mind" mixed stoner like rock with Prog elements and heavy psych tones. Their last release "Invisible White" lent more towards an ambient sound, lighter in delivery it was received well but took some off guard.

I'm delighted to say that new album "In Dreams and Time, is a combination of all the elements Ancestors have excelled at and more the result is epic.
I should thank Justin from the band for this review copy first of all, but let's get into the music.
There are 6 tracks on In Dreams And Time, the shortest of which is 6 minutes and longest near 20 minutes!

The album starts with "Whispers", slow paced with a thick bass line and atmospheric organ work,easing its way in before getting heavier while maintaining a sense of melody. "Whispers" overall is a return to a sludgier heavier sound with more aggressive vocal parts, its an indication of what's to come. Towards the end, the track shifts up a gear culminating in a prog infused rock out. Swirling atmospherics, dense organ and murky riffs the track leads into the "The Last Return" and an immediate change of tactic.
The shortest song here opens with delicate piano and haunting female vocals with a beautiful refrain and introduction of solitary guitar line its a moving and mesmeric song. Ending with deranged piano parts and guitars crashing by now you know your listening to something special.

This isn't an album to pump yourself up for a trip to the gym or a party weekend. Grandiose in style, its an album to bask in headphones on lights out that will reveal more with each listen.

"Corryvreckan" is the centrepiece of In Dreams and Time a heavy prog-rock track featuring stabs of  organ, crushing guitars and melodic vocals engaging you until the final notes,Stunning stuff
The appeal of this album is although each track is long nothing is wasted or repeated needlessly. In Dreams and Time evolves and unfolds as you listen,moving and shifting it demands full attention throughout.
"On The Wind" follows with a heavy Pink Floyd influence, piano and overlapping vocals leading to a psychedelic work out showcasing some blistering guitar work.
"Running in Circles" continues merging elements of prog heaviness with an tribal drum pattern half way through before ending triumphantly it gives way to the Epic "First Light".

20 minute songs can often be full of repetition or ambient drone but its not the case here. Featuring moments of soulful guitar solos and church like organ its spacious, monumental and moving, a fitting end to this fantastic album.

Ancestors have combined all their influences and previous work to create an album of Epic proportions. Mature and dynamic "In Dreams and Time" is an album to lose yourself in. While they've maintained the heavier element of their sound they've blasted it into the stratosphere and beyond.

2012 just keeps, this is another essential release of what is gearing up to be a monumental year.
In dreams and Time will be available from Tee-Pee records on the link below. As well as your local independent store .

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