Monday 19 March 2012

Primitive Weapons - The Shadow Gallery Review


Primitive Weapons is a Sludge/Crust-Punk/Hardcore Metal band from Brooklyn, New York. USA

The members are:

Arthur Shepherd, David Castillo, Aram Deradoorian, Eric Odness, Justin Scurti

Primitive Weapons are being labelled as one of the next big bands to check out in 2012 and its hype worth justifying as these guys play epic sprawling Sludge/Crust-Punk/Hardcore based metal.

Their astonishing debut album “The Shadow Gallery” is a 7 song 26 minute blast of amazing bone-crushing riffs that blends all their genres to heavy pulsating effect.

This album is one of the wildest rides you are ever likely to take in 2012. As these guys don’t stick to any genre for long. They mix Sludge, Hardcore, Crust-Punk and even Post-Metal to show they are a band not afraid to experiment on their debut release.

Imagine Dillenger Escape Plan mixed with Faith No More, Torche and ISIS then this is what these guys sound like. The songs are played fast and furious from the word go. These guys literally leave you breathless with the amount of speed and energy on show.

All of the songs are all brilliantly put together. The lyrics and vocals are simply sublime. They have the right blend of emotion and aggression not seen in many bands. Especially on their debut release. Sometimes it takes years for a band to find this sort of voice but Primitive Weapons deserve credit for getting it right first time round.

The album is superbly produced and you can hear every brutal note played to head-banging perfection. These guys have been getting a lot of praise over the last 12 months or so and the time is finally here for Primitive Weapons to deliver.

And believe me they deliver in a big way. These guys have the potential to be one of the biggest bands in the underground scene if they keep making brilliant music like this.

Each song here is superb. I have listened to it non-stop since I was given my copy to review. Like I said before this is the rare case where the hype is justified. Primitive Weapons are the real deal.

They prove themselves time and time again they are band to be reckoned with. Especially on tracks like “Good Hunting”, “The Death Of Boredom” and my fave track “Black Funds”.

OK some people might complain the album is on the short side but I don’t. These guys pack enough riffs to last albums that are on twice as long. The Shadow Gallery is a work of pure understated genius and is definitely a genre defining masterpiece.

Highly Recommended by ourselves at Sludgelord. We can’t wait to see what Primitive Weapons have in store for us on their next release. Hopefully more of the same bone-crunching stuff.

Simply Outstanding. You can buy this record from good all stockists on Prosthetic Records.

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