Thursday 22 March 2012

J. Thorn of Threefold Law - The Seventh Seal New Book


Now I dont usually do book articles. (OK I did one last year) but am going to alert people to this book. Got an email from JT of brilliant Prog-Rockers Threefold Law who have been mentioned here previously.

Well apart from being a member from a brilliant rock band. JT is also an author who has just published a book.

Details from the great man himself - "Bikers, babes, and guns. The Seventh Seal, a ripping ride through post-apocalyptic Cleveland, has bullied its way into the #6 spot on the Amazon Kindle Best Sellers Top 100 Paid list for Contemporary Fantasy and #12 in Action/Adventure. If you’re a fan of Sons of Anarchy and Mad Max, you’ll dig this."

The Seventh Seal, by J. Thorn of Threefold Law --

Sounds right up my street. So much so I am going to order a copy myself. Sounds epic!!!

Great work as usual JT.