Tuesday 27 March 2012

The Dhamma Brothers - Band To Check Out!!!

Live Sweat: No Alternative from The Cluny Cover Art

The Dhamma Brothers are an Alternative Rock/Stoner/Grunge Rock Band From Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

The members are:

Mark James Hammond - Guitar/Vox
James Younger - Guitar/Vox
Gary Nightingale - Bass
Paul "The Gulag" Gallagher - Drums

The Dhamma Brothers play a great blend of Alt-Rock/Stoner Rock music highly influenced by QOTSA and Nirvana but forging their own identity in the world of Alternative Rock.

Tbey are getting a much deserved reputation in their hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne which as you know is my home-town. So another great local band for me to recommend. They have recently supported Nately's Whore's Kid Sister as well. Another great Geordie Band to check out.

They have 3 superb releases for free download from their excellent BandCamp Page. Some of the tracks might be slightly under-produced but they were either recorded live or by the band themselves at home.

So fucking top marks for being a true DIY Alternative Rock Band. Their cover of QOTSA Classic "Go With The Flow" from their outstanding album "This Wretch The Wolf Already Tears" is simply sublime. Very atmospheric and a great take on a modern classic.

So get downloading now. You wont be sorry.

Mark Hammond is also involved in promoting live gigs in the region with his No Alternative Promotions Type Project.. Normally at a loss as well. Check Them Out Here at Facebook. And he is doing a brilliant job at it as well. He is one highly talented individual giving a lot more back to the region.

Anyway back to The Dhamma Brothers. Highly Recommended by Sludgelord. Get downloading now!!!.

Check This Great Band Below: