Thursday 1 March 2012

VERDUN-The Cosmic Escape of Admiral Masuka-Review

Verdun are a Doom/Hardcore band from Montpellier, France. The Band is comprised of,

Géraud Jonquet - Drums
Florian Celdran - Bass
Christophe Doux- Guitar
Mathieu Croux - Guitar
David Sadok - Vocals / KeyboardsDoom/

Taking a range of influences like Electric Wizard, St.Vitus and Joy Division , Verdun are set to make their mark in the Doom/sludge world.
They have managed to create a brilliant mixture of massive doom riffs, tortured vocals,and atmospheric moments on this three song ep.

Each song here is around the 10 minute mark , combining different elements of above genres .
The production and musicianship is superb, adding plenty of textures not just a one riff per song. Containing some real melodic moments ,bringing to mind at times great bands like The Atlas Moth or Rwake, it is constantly evolving

My favourite track here is probably "Last man standing", starting with a devilishly catchy riff, screamed vocals leading to an atmospheric mid-section before building again and just when you think it can't take any other turns the opening killer riff swings back , truly compelling stuff.

Verdun have made quite an impression with this E.P, and I for one will be checking out any future releases.
This is available to stream via Bandcamp, but a CD release is being put out by Head records as well as a collectors tape on Throatruiner records . Check it out , however you choose on the links below.


Head Records

Throatruiner Records