Thursday 15 March 2012

The Fierce And The Dead-On VHS Review

The Fierce and the dead (or TFATD ) have been featured previously at Sludgelord Here

Well now they are about to release their new EP "On VHS" the first recorded output since the addition of second guitarist Steve Cleaton.

I like and listen to a lot of "instrumental" bands, but TFATD are incomparable to other non vocal bands. Their music has a range of influences never adopting standard tactics ensuring they will not be easily pigeon-holed. This Ep though only four tracks will take you on a journey through space,battling evil,surfing some waves and gazing at sunsets and night skies together like some time travelling entity.
These are the feelings I get from listening to "On VHS" a testament to the quality and uniqueness of the music.

Steve Cleaton has helped add a bit of an edge and heavier feel to TFATD, allowing Matt Stevens to deliver some well timed moments of genius and less reliance on the loops.
Kev Feazey also kills it here walking all over the EP,never flashy but providing the foundations for Matt and Steve to weave their magic. At times the bass grabs your attention as much though, a real group effort by all.

666...6 opens proceedings featuring some duelling of melodic and downright evil guitar work a real sense of urgency and focus apparent a stunning start. The aptly named "Hawaii" is next heavy riffs offset with some glorious intricate rhythms and surf-rock guitar. On Vhs builds from a gentler start to a spectacular prog fuelled climax leading you through some journey of otherworldly magnitude . Closer "Part 3" is more laid back featuring some sublime slide guitar easing its way into your ears before giving way to a triumphant section . It shifts back and forth from the gentle and heavier sections. A fitting end to this EP demonstrating the inability to second guess TFATD and where they're heading. If your a fan of forward thinking music of any kind "On VHS" is a must have.

TFATD have further enhanced their reputation and if justice is done more will learn of their talent to produce excellent music. "On VHS" is available on a ltd edition Pre-order Cd though you may have to be quick. Otherwise it will be available on Bandcamp on the name your price deal. Check it out and more on TFATD on the links below.