Monday 12 March 2012

Geiser-Bipolar Ep Review

Geiser are a 5 piece band from
Arnhem-Nijmegen, Holland. Featuring the following members.

Huibert der Weduwen - Bass
Daan Prins - Guitar
Gerben Elburg - Baritone Guitar
Yoran van Boheemen - Drums
Kars Penninx - Vocals

Geiser describe their sound as Post-Psycho-Cock-Sludge-Metal-Noise and bizarre as it is I'm not going to argue .
Bipolar is their debut and is a fantastic release combining a range of influences to come up with a varied and highly enjoyable Ep.

There are elements of Melvins,Neurosis, Mike Patton present on these 5 tracks. Opener "Pilgrim" is a slow sludge filled dirge full of excellent musicianship. Bass heavy and sparse its a lumbering hypnotic song, next track "Paragon" is bizarre, in a good way though.
Starting like an Angel Dust era FNM , it twists and turns incorporating many shifts in style and tempo and strange sludge vocals, another top track.
"Flint is next , fuzz fuelled guitar and hi-hat giving way another slice of Melvins/jesus lizard rock. There's also an element of Sub Pop grunge in its heyday evident on the e.p ,think Mudhoney,or Tad, rather than Nirvana .

I haven't heard too many bands from Holland using this style but i imagine it will gain them fans around the world and I'm sure their live shows would be quite an experience .
The track "Stranger" has a heavy Neurosis influence at first, slow building with a pained vocal its a bit of a release from the schizophrenic style and also the longest song here at just over 7 minutes. It ends in a psych style freak out and is probably my favourite track here.
"Weightless ends things in similar style heavy bass, thick guitars and slow-paced building towards a feedback filled climax. Another top song, to end what is a highly impressive debut.
Bipolar may have elements of different styles and familiar bands but its executed in a way that's unique you may not hear anything else like it.

The EP is available from bandcamp for a reasonable price, I recommend checking it out right away on the link below.