Thursday 22 March 2012



Kadavar is a Doom/Classic/Stoner Rock Band From Berlin, Germany

The members are

Wolf Lindemann - Vocals / Guitar
mammoth - Rivoli
Tiger - Drums

Kadavar play a great blend of Doom, Psych, Stoner and Classic Rock into one big huge melting pot that will have fans of Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Hawkwind and other great 70s based Rock bands rejoicing for this superb band.

OK they might not be doing anything original and their record label agrees by saying “(You can’t reinvent the wheel but you can roll it”). And you know what. It’s actually true. Kadavar take influence from the many great bands listed above but add their own take on the many genres.

Their debut S/T album in a 33 minute blast of hard rocking riffs that will take you back to the good old days of High Voltage Rock where the riff was king.

There is nothing pretentious about this superb album. Just 3 dudes have a great time rocking out and paying homage to great bands of the past. These guys are getting serious praise from critics and fans alike and its not hard to see why.

This album just pisses all over the competition. Plain and Simple. If you want top-notch Doom/Classic/Stoner Rock riffs then this is place to be.

The 6 songs are all superbly played and will have you rocking in no time. Especially on tracks like “Black Sun”, “Forgotten Past” and the brilliant psychedelic8:43 minute epic – “Purple Sage” that will have you travelling into another dimension in no time at all

The instrumental work is just breathtaking to listen to and its had to believe this is a 3 Piece Band as they sound they have more members.

This is a great release by a great band with a bright future. These guys are going to be one of the next big bands to look out for. Believe me they are seriously that great. Awesome stuff.

All in all this is an excellent album that Kadavar should rightly be proud of. You can buy this on Vinyl from That Charming Man Records now. I recommend you do this now!!!

Highly Recommended.

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