Thursday 15 March 2012

KNIFE - S/T EP Review

Knife is a Stoner Metal Band from Detriot, USA

The members are:

Eric Blanchard
Nathan Miller
Curt Massof
Chuck Burns
John Lehl 

Knife are a hard-rocking blues influenced amazing Stoner Metal band. Taking influence from a wide range of artists such as Clutch, Sabbath and Thin Lizzy but adding their own stamp on the world of Stoner Metal.

They released their superb S/T debut EP in June 2011. And it’s a true balls-to-the-wall blast of hard-rocking fist clenching stoner metal riffs. This is an absolute blast from start to finish.

The 6 tracks on show run for an hugely impressive 26 minutes but that’s all the time Knife need to convert you to their superb blend of Stoner Metal.

This is seriously that good. Don’t believe me. Well how about Prog-Metal Legends TOOL personally invited these guys to open up for TOOL’s recent tour in Jan 2011. You can watch this on Youtube right now.

The EP is full of great Stoner Metal riffs that Clutch would be proud to call their own. I would call these guys the true successors to Clutch as they have that brilliantly earthly blues-metal feel with added Thin Lizzy dual guitar to make them stand out from the crowd.

All of the songs are equally brilliant as each other. I listened to this EP about 3 times in a row as this is an outstanding EP that came out of nowhere for me.

It’s superbly produced and you can hear every note played to perfection. The riffs, drumming and vocals are all played brilliantly well. You will be head-banging in no time. Play this superb EP as loud as you can get the true effect of this great EP.

This EP will blow your world apart. And I can’t recommend this highly enough. I can’t wait for these guys to release their debut full length record as they have the potential to release something special. Absolutely awesome.

Highly Recommended!!! – You can buy this album from BandCamp right now!!!

Check this great band below;


Check The Guys Playing my fave track "Lineage" when opening up for TOOL.