Thursday 15 March 2012

ANORAK - Band To Check Out

sick Cover Art My Own Haze Cover Art 

Anorak are a Hardcore/Punk/Grind/Noise/Sludge Metal Band from France.

Anorak play a brutal blend of many different genres described above to pulverize the soul to. These guys are brutal as anything. And they are superb musicians to boot.

The band have released two amazing albums that demand your attention now. Both available from BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal:

2009 – My Own Haze
2011 – Sick

Both of these albums are probably the best examples I have heard in the Hardcore/Punk/Noise/Grind/Sludge Metal movement. They are both brutal and crushing in their own right but all done in the only way that Anorak can deliver.

They are both superbly produced as you can hear every note brilliantly played to perfection. Play this as loud as you can and be prepared to be amazed from the number of sublime riffs on show across the many genres they blend together brilliantly well.

I am not going to do a song by song review. Just take my word for it. These two albums are amazing. If you’re into the Noise/Grind/Punk/Sludge variety of music then you can’t go wrong here. Simply Sublime.

Anorak play their music with both sludge barrels blazing that will have you begging for more.

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant. So get download now.

Check this great band below: