Friday 30 March 2012


The Bendal Interlude are a 4 Piece Stoner/Thrash Metal Band from Liverpool, England.

The members are:


The Bendal Interlude play a fast and furious blend of Stoner, Thrash and, Sludge Metal for one crazy volatile mix. These guys have been featured on this blog before and I rightly raved about them then.

Well the guys are back with their latest EP - "Odourama" which features their heaviest work to date. Its a 15 minute 4 song action packed ride of Sludge/Stoner/Thrash thrills and spills.

It still has the same old great riffs and added noise effects on their previous releases but they are just heavier and faster. Especially on opening title track which is a 4:16 min blast of superb riffage from start to finish.

This song will leave you breathless and sets the scene in what is to come next. So buckle up and prepare for the fucked up vibe of THE BENDAL INTERLUDE.

Next up it Hat Time. A 2 minute beast of fast-paced angry hardcore riffs. This track flies out of the starting block and packs an almighty punch to it. After listening to this you left wondering - "What the fuck just happened!!!!" - before pressing repeat for another round of hardcore damage. Sublime Stuff.

The next track is the best track on this excellent EP - Ron Salmon is a 5:40 minute brilliant track that probably features this bands best work to date. Brilliant riffs and vocals all the way through which portrays an unflinching vibe of top-notch Stoner/Thrash/Sludge riffs that only The Bendal Interlude can deliver. Brutal and heavy as fuck.

Last up is the 3:38 minute track "Shants II" which brings this great EP to an end. Full of the same great action-packed riffs that preceded it. It starts off with a cool guitar solo to set the mood before going back in for the kill.

The EP is expertly played and produced by all and its another reason why The Bendal Interlude are one of the best upcoming Stoner/Thrash/Sludge Combos to grace the UK Underground.

Maybe its time for these guys to close their successful chain of pornography shops and pharmaceutical drug network and start work on their official debut full length. Outstanding and highly recommended.

Odourama will be out from all good stockists soon.

If you like what you hear head over to their BandCamp Page and download all their brilliant earlier material for free.

Check Out The Guys Here: