Saturday 3 March 2012

Damascus - Band to Check Out

Damascus are a Instrumental Post-rock/metal band from New Jersey ,Usa featuring the following members.
Brendan Bianowicz - Drums
George Eppinger - Guitar
Gil Morejón - Guitar
Edwin Rivera - Bass
I have been listening to this great band since i discovered their first album "Salutations, Distant Satellite!", last year, I am a big fan of Instrumental music and Damascus are are a worthy addition to any fans of Russian Circle, Pelican,And So I Watch You From Afar etc . They followed "Salutaions" up with a three track EP in October last year, which develops their sound further .

Both releases are free from their Bandcamp site with the option of "name your Price". Currently the band are working on new songs and touring , having released two excellent album/Eps last year it might be hopeful of me to expect another this year but it would be great.

Damascus don't do anything that some other bands do, but its done with such quality and effort to craft the songs that makes them stand out , at times theres a dark menace to the songs similar to Sludgelord favourites "What the Blood Revealed" other tracks display a progressive nature also with an ear for melody.
Both these releases are essential in my opinion for any fan of Instrumental post-rock , and I'm looking forward greatly to any future albums from these guys.