Thursday, 27 March 2014

TARPAN - Legend EP

Tarpan - Legend EP cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: March 25th 2014
Label: Self Released

Legend EP - track listing:

1.Legend 05:49
2.Lost Paradise 08:24


I can't find much info about TARPAN. But they are an incredible band you need to check out as they have released a truly stunning début EP – Legend. Two tracks running for about 15 mins or so. But what a brilliant ride this is. Heavy Sludge Metal riffs with a bit of Groove Metal thrown in.

Opening Track – Legend – starts off with a scary and creepy organ intro before the intense Sludge Metal riffs kick in and wait another minute or so to check out for a brilliant psychedelic riff which comes out of nowhere. The vocals are intense from the start as they venture from Sludge based growls to grizzled clean vocals with relevant ease.

TARPAN have a dangerous edge to their music. This isn't a band you can fuck with as the riffs are killer. The EP's main selling point is the epic 8:24 minute track – Lost Paradise – which starts off really slowly before TARPAN say FUCK THIS and unleash hell on earth.

This is intense!!! - Strap yourselves in as your in for a wild ride of brutal Sludge Metal riffs. Yeah I loved this EP. It shows a band with their own style of Sludge Metal music that is one of the heaviest débuts I have heard this year. As it plays out like the bastard offspring of PANTERA, High On Fire and Mastodon. If that doesn't get you interested I don't know what will as you're seriously missing out.

Take my word for it. Headover to BandCamp and download this now. It's available for Buy Now Download. You're going to love this like I did.

Absolutely brilliant. End Of.

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Written by Steve Howe