Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Tragedy We Live In - Live Fast, Live Fast, Live Fast - Album Review

Live Fast, Live Fast, Live Fast cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: March 14th 2014
Label: Self Released

Live Fast, Live Fast, Live Fast - track listing:

1.Einzelgänger 03:19
2 The Mountain 01:44
3.Tyd 04:27
4.Healing 02:49
5.Hollow Bodies 03:30
6.Live Fast, Live Fast, Live Fast 06:57
7.Interlude : Black Forest 00:45
8.Emoh 03:16
9.Thrones 02:25
10.Nightdivers 08:00


Atmospheric beauty painted on a soundscape of doom and drone. Open your eyes, enrich your ears with the truth and realize this is The Tragedy We Live In.

The Band Members

Drums: Mathlovsky
Guitars, noise: Helemaal Onbeschaafd
Bass : Mass Von Leffe


The Tragedy We Lived In impressed me back in March 2013 with their S/T debut album. It's stunning mix of Sludge, Noise, Doom and Post-Rock ambient based noises signalled these guys as a truly original band to check out. Imagine Pelican but on a more experimental vibe.

Well 12 months later the guys are back with their equally stunning 2nd album – Live Fast, Live Fast, Live Fast – a truly hypnotic blast of Sludge/Doom Metal atmospherics with a dangerous vibe of Noise Rock thrown in to fuck things up a bit.

First track - Einzelgänger – is a noisy and violent offering to show you what this album is all about. Sonic based riffs with a dangerous experimental nature. The Tragedy We Live love to experiment with their sound and it can be quite unflinching at times.

I am not going to do a track by track review as this album needs to be heard as one complete experience as each song forms one part of the sonic jigsaw puzzle that awaits you. The band thrive on teasing your senses with different riffs that change direction without any warning. You could be listening to a heavy based Sludge Metal riff and then the band bring in a violent noise rock vibe which comes out of nowhere. Frustrating – Well Yeah, it is at times but you can't deny the genius behind it all.

The new album is much faster than their debut album. So expect a lot of twists and turns during the albums 38 minute running time. This album is a violent and confusing ride into the realms of dark experimental music and The Tragedy We Lived In are masters of this kind of sonic based warfare.

If you want two good reasons to download this album then here they are. The two epic tracks – Live Fast, Live Fast, Live Fast and Nightdivers – which shows the true nature of this great band. Noises and riffs collide for one huge sonic explosion which will have you begging for more. This is musical guerilla warfare on a global scale. You may need a breather after listening to these two excellent tracks as they both pack an almighty emotional punch.

I have gone on long enough. All I can say this is another outstanding album from these brilliant noise-makers. If you want something different within the realm of Instrumental Rock music then my advice is to check this band out now. You won't regret it.

Live Fast, Live Fast, Live Fast is a truly stunning album. Listen to this and be prepared for something special. The album is available on BandCamp Buy Now Download with a physical vinyl release being prepared as we speak.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe