Tuesday, 18 March 2014

sHEAVY - Moons In Penumbra (Album Review)

Album Type :  Full Length
Date Released :  Out Now
Label : Hydro-Phonic Records

Moons in Penumbra, album track listing :

1). Penumbra 05:11
2). Shadows 03:13
3). Visions 03:59
4). Totality 03:07
5). Ecilpse 03:50
6). Warning 04:48
7). Memories 06:26
8). Freedom 05:06

The Band :

Steve Hennessey | Vocals
Barry Peters | Guitar
Glenn Tizzard | Bass
Evan Chalker | Guitars
Jason Williams | Drums

Review :

Canadian Doom Mongers return with “Moons in Penumbra.” Vocalist and main man Steve Hennessey's vocals are still at full whack with Ozzy inflections and mournful melancholy. The band play slow, heavy and cleanly and it is clear from the off with quasi title track Penumbra that the listener is in for a retro treat of Sabbathian gloom.

The pace quickens for Shadows and harmony guitar is used to lovely effect. Hooky chorus too- classy and catchy. The solo is fluid and not overdone before the song's strong refrain returns.  Visions returns to “Vol 4” style pacing and downbeat vibes before Totality ratchets up the pace a little again. There is plenty of space in the riffs (literally) so the track is not frantic, but still laid back and morose.

Eclipse has some astronomy in its lyrics and, again, effective riffing. The song has a really laid back feel to it- as indeed the whole record. Early Sabbath comparisons are not unfounded- but the record does not reach the heights (depths?) of Sabbathian heaviness due to the airy sound of some of the riffing and the general approach. In fact, this lightness of touch allows for a more organic and unusual album that just may be a perfect soundtrack to the springtime we are hoping is going to appear any minute.

Warning is not a cover of the track of the same name from you-know-who's debut and is instead a slow trudge through the denser streets of  Sheavy's world. Heavy and foreboding it sounds exactly like its title.

Memories continue the melancholic woe with a longest offering on this record, while Freedom finishes in style with creepy intro and a more ethereal style to the riffs. Overall, the record will sate your need for the more melancholic side of Sabbath (albums four and five) and will take you on an enjoyable and surprisingly multi dimensional ride at the lighter end of the doom spectrum.

Words by : Richard Maw

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